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Pittsburgh Blitz

Pittsburgh Blitz is the ultimate Pittsburgh sports fan community offering the latest Steelers, Pirates, Penguins and Panthers news and views and some plan old craziness from real Steelers fans. We are not professional writers and we are not officially attached to any Pittsburgh sports organization in anyway, except in our hearts. But we will do our best to entertain our readers with every post we create or share from our favorite news sources.

Our staff is made up of some real characters from all aspects of life and each one brings a unique view to the community. As of now there are just four of us, but we hope to spread out and add every one of our readers to the list.

The Pittsburgh Blitz Staff:

The Editor & Chief, the brains so to say, behind Pittsburgh Blitz. Jim is a rabid sports fan who...
A Featured Columnist for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Pittsburgh Blitz. "JB Steel" is the resident Dra...
Born in the in the heart of the Burgh and growing up on the south side, Jason Noling, aka the one an...
Introducing Wanda Pittsfield, our "View from the Other Side" reporter and Girly Girl Review speciali...
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