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Amos Jones To Be Steelers New Special Teams Coach

August 23, 2012
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Amos Jones To Be Steelers New Special Teams Coach

The Pittsburgh Steelers parted ways with special teams coach Al Everest on Thursday and now Bob Labriola reports via Twitter that assistant special teams coach Amos Jones will replace Everest. There has been no official word yet as to why Everest had been let go.

Jones is entering his sixth season with the Steelers after being hired in January of 2007. Prior to being hired by the Steelers, Jones spent three years at Mississippi State as the special teams/ linebackers coach (2004-05) and outside linebackers coach (2006). Prior to coaching at Mississippi State, Jones coached special teams and tight ends at James Madison University.

Jones also coached special teams and running backs from 1999-2002 at the University of Cincinnati.

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  1. Hitman, there is no doubt that your Steelers can’t ever be counted out. However, I’m not feinelg them this year. The Pat’s defense has been terrible all season long, but the genius Belichick will take care of that.Big Ben isn’t raping college girls this year, so he is not the same. Ryan Clark is hurt, and Rashard Mendenhall is well either. These are important players! I will never count them out because you are right, they always find a way. This year though, not feinelg them!

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