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Anthony Chickillo could soon be making his Steelers return

February 22, 2018
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Anthony Chickillo could soon be making his Steelers return

Looking Ahead At The 2018 Season

Rumors have circulated that Anthony Chickillo will be returning to Pittsburgh in 2018. The player is currently a restricted free agent but his 2017 season has made him stand out. He has recorded some great on field activity since he was a sixth round pick back in 2015. Chickillo only played in two games last season but he still managed to land 14 tackles, 3 sacks and even scored a touchdown, despite his fitness levels being called into question.

The team still needs to decide the fate of Bud Dupree and Arthur Moats. Dupree is currently on his 5th year club option with the Steelers and will be in his final rookie year. Moats on the other hand looks set to leave the team and enter the free agency market in March.

While 2017 started fantastic for the Steelers, it ended quite tragically and in 2018 we need to pick up the pieces. The loss if Shazier is certainly a crushing blow for the Steelers defence. Roethlisberger will only get stronger in 2018 and with James Conner hopefully returning, the Steelers will be nearly back on their feet. If Conner can improve his pass blocking ratio, we are in for a seasons that’s going to be as rewarding as the best NBA bets – or even better!

Focusing On Strengths

Antonio Brown is also one of the Steelers greatest assets, not just as a receiver but an all round great player. He has made Pittsburgh proud in 2017 and with a slightly hobbled team setup at the moment, his contributions will be most welcome. Ideally Smith Schuster and Martavis Bryant will now come to the table and raise their game.

Schuster ideally needs to clean up his footwork, but his lack of experience counts against him as his weak points will be improved by age rather than drills. Bryant already has the skill set, he just needs to work on his technique. He has already shown his weaknesses in high pointing the ball and retaining his balance so these areas will need to be focused on as we head into the 2018 season.

The team’s powerful offense is still its greatest strength. Well trained and coordinated, it will be the ace up Pittsburgh’s sleeve if the defence doesn’t get straightened out after March. Le’veon Bell’s future seems certain with the team ahead of the looming tag window and his presence will only be a boon for the Steelers after so many player issues and injuries last year.

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