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Arm Chair GM – 2013 Draft

March 25, 2013
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Arm Chair GM – 2013 Draft

Arm Chair GM – 2013 Pittsburgh Steelers Draft: by Jeffrey Burton

Every Draft is like 52 pick-up so here goes:

nfl_draft1st Rd – RB Eddie Lacey AL – The squat and powerful Lacey brings to mind (hold on to your socks and cross your fingers) Jerome Bettis. He is powerful, hard hitting, nimble and fleet of foot. He is patient allowing the play to develop and displays 100% effort to hit the hole and drag defenders along with him. A couple problems exist with injuries and fumbling but, he is well worth the risk.

2nd Rd – CB Desmond Trufant OR – would be LeBeau’s favorite. Desmond is intelligent, strong 16 225# reps and fast 4,38 forty. He is a disruptive force on the line and is comfortable in Man and Zone schemes.

3rd Rd – OT Kyle Long OR – Son of Howie, brother of Chris, this 6′-6” 312# tackle has a ton of upside. Athletic and mobile he is effective both in pass and running schemes.Called on to play both LT and LG during his two years at Oregon, he is still a work in progress. Technique needs work, punching rather than latching on to defenders. The Family Long has donned him Most Athletic in the family which is saying quite a lot.

4th Rd – QB Landry Jones OK – This cannon armed QB has the size 6′-4” 225# to play the position in the NFL. Though adept at running plays he prefers to move in the pocket ala Dan Marino to avoid the pass rush. Could be an outstanding NFL QB with proper coaching and a little time. A steal to play third QB.

5th Rd – S Shawn Williams GA – The film I’ve seen on him shows a hard-hitting and crafty football player capable of playing SS, OLB and FS. On the line he shoots the gap quickly, in pass coverage he creates alligator armed WR’s who regret catching the ball when he delivers a brutal hit. His versatility and athleticism project him to be a perfect Steeler defender. This would be a very good pick. You would much prefer to see him in black and gold rather than purple and white.

6th – WR Stedmond Bailey WVU – with WR and WVU players always under valued by the NFL, Bailey could still be available this late in the draft. Ending his college career with 12 TD’s 12,000 yards and an average of 17.9 yards per catch. It is Bailey and not the more famous Tavon Williams that leaves as WVU’s all-time leading receiver. And besides he has a cool-ass name “Bailey, Stedman Bailey.”

6th Rd PK Dustin Hopkins FSU – I’m always predicting the Great Shawn Suisham Breakdown but it never seems to happen. I think the Steelers asured him that a Power Wedgey would be in his future should he screw up. Hopkins 22 of 27 FGA and 44 of 44 in PAT. Could be a great NFL PK for a long time.

7th Rd – COG Eric Herman Ohio – 6′-4” 320# Herman could provide the Steelers with some much needed interior line depth. 36 225# reps he has the strength to anchor the line in pass protection and blow up his assignment in the run. As always this is not to predict how the Steelers will pick but how I would if I were the Steelers GM .

Next Up: How the “Steeler Way” is destroying the Steelers.

Go Stillers!

Jeffrey Burton

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  1. Great write up Jeff. I love the Lacey pick at #1 but also would love to see Jarvis Jones fall to us there as well.

  2. jburtonprod

    Yeah, Thanks my previous draft was secondary heavy. And I don’t know that Trufant will be there in the 2nd Round, but Lacey could be a once in a life time player. I really don’t like Landry Jones all that much but he ccould develop, stranger things have happened.

    NEWS FLASH: James Harrison’s agent has said James would be open to return to the Steelers. If he does it will probably be after the draft.

  3. SaintsB1

    That was great Jeff! I know a few people who could use a Power Wedgie. Looking forward to your next column.


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