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Armchair GM – v6

August 18, 2011
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Armchair GM – v6

Free Agency Now!

The Steelers Need Help!

I really respect the Steelers front office’s stoic approach to the off-season and acquiring talent through free agency. They just don’t do it. I mean let Randle-El go just to add Jerricho Cotchery? Really?

On the other hand, Available Free Agents…

The O-Line – I couldn’t believe that things could get worse with the O-Line, but it has. The line play was horrid. They not only seemed out matched by the Redskins, but also the coaching of the line is terrible. Constant running of the gaps and Ben hit and injured in 5 snaps? I mean the Redskins? How do you think we are going fair against the Eagles or even worse, the Ravens?

Langston Walker, OT, Raiders
Mark Tauscher, OT, Packers
Flozell Adams, OT, Steelers, Yes, bring back the Hotel. Move Willie Colon inside
Robert Brewster, OT , Cowboys
Brian Waters, G, Chiefs
Leonard Davis, G, Cowboys

Running Backs – We are seriously lacking depth. And based on his performance in this game, Mewelde Moore, one of my favorite players, may have gone south. Rookie Baron Batch is gone for the season with an ACL injury after showing promise early on.

Noel Devine, RB, Eagles

Correll Buckhalter, RB, Broncos

And yes…

Tiki Barber, RB, Giants

The Secondary – Ike Taylor and B-Mac are both out. Ryan Clark got dinged.

Ryan Mundy’s play was uneven as usual. Troy sat out.

Atari Bigby, SS, Packers – Good, but often injured. He would make a great back-up for Troy.

Darren Sharper, FS, Saints – An old college teammate of Tomlin’s which somehow disqualifies him as being someone we should pick up.

Kelvin Hayden, CB, Colts

Randall Gay, CB, Saints

Kevin Dockery, CB, Rams (Since the writing of this article the Steelers have signed Dockery)

And/or a trade for CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie. I think a 4th or 5th Rd pick ought to do it.

Quarterback – The NFL, a.k.a. Jack-Wagon Central has gotten rid of the 3rd QB designation. They have no shortage of bad ideas. The way things look, we could use 5 or 6 QB’s. What was that ‘body bag’ line from Rambo?

There’s not much here, but I would be putting out feelers.

Chad Pennington, QB, Dolphins, I know he’s fragile, but he’s a solid game manager that knows how to get rid of the ball. Future Head Coach, too, I’m pretty sure.

Jim Sorgi, OB, Giants, Hey, we will need to fill body bags…

Daunte Culpepper, QB, UFL, I always thought he’d be a better choice than Byron.

Antwaan Randle-El, Slash/Jack of All Trades, getting rid of Antwaan was the stupidest move since getting rid of Stefan Logan.

Gambit vs. Gambit

Redskins Gambit – Jaw jacking with the Steelers, trying to bait a penalty or suspension.  Shanahan is one crafty…

Steelers Gambit – Feigning injury after every hard defensive hit. Tomlin and LeBeau are two crafty…

Jack Wagon Central Thoughts

Kicking Off from the 35 yd line – This is actually so stupid, it’s Stoopit! I thought kicking off from the 35 would eliminate 2 positions, Kick Returner and Kick-Off Specialist. It actually eliminates 22 positions. The entire Kick-Off and Return Teams. Hey, if that’s the case can’t we have the 5 to 6 QB’s I was talking about?

Eliminating Two-A-Days – I really can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea. If you can’t make it through two-a-days in preseason what makes you think you’ll make it through the season? I can only imagine players from beyond are flipping the NFL off right now.

Steeler Thoughts

Punter Jeremy Kampinos will be snapped up by another team the moment he is cut or waived.

Losing LB Keyaron Fox was another mistake.

Given the camera time and his proximity to O.C. Bruce Arians, my thought is QB Coach Randy Fitchner is getting groomed to be Bruce’s successor.

If Rex Grossman can lead an 82 play TD drive in 8 plays how do you think we are going to do against a real NFL Quarterback?

Isaac Redman is a Bad-Ass. So it would seem is rookie DE Cameron Heyward.

Philly is going to shred us… And damn I was hungry for a Cheese Steak…

Go Stillers!

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