Armchair GM – 2014 NFL Combine Begins Saturday

Armchair GM

2014 NFL Combine begins Saturday, 9:00am eastern, Feb. 22-25

The NFL beauty contest begins Saturday. Steelers needs Rd 1-3 Left Tackle, Wide Receiver, Defensive End and Rush Linebacker should be a priority. Rd 4-7 Cornerback, Free Safety and more O-line depth, are needs. The Steelers always deliver surprises come draft day, some happy, some not so much.

Saturday, Feb. 22: Tight ends, offensive linemen, special teams

Sunday, Feb. 23: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers

Monday, Feb. 24: Defensive linemen, linebackers

Tuesday, Feb. 25: Defensive backs

So set your DVR’s and………….

Go Stillers!

Jeffrey Burton

A Featured Columnist for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Pittsburgh Blitz. "JB Steel" is the resident Draft Guru and the premiere Armchair GM here at the Blitz and is an avid fan of the Steelers, Pens, and Pirates.

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