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Armchair GM – Final, Final 2013 Draft Preview

April 19, 2013
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Armchair GM – Final, Final 2013 Draft Preview

Okay I’m a liar. I’m a lying liar who tells nothing but Lies. I said my last column would have my last pre-draft Draft, so hence this very truthful statement. (If can believe anything a lying liar says) So enough about me, what about you? But, hey, cut me some slack. It’s sort of like when you say ‘I love you’ during a certain event and yeah sure you really meant it at the time, But, now your arm is numb and all you want to do is pop open a beer and watch a DVD of Super Bowl VIII. But, I digress.

So here it is:

NFL DraftFinal Final 2013 Draft

1st Rd – RB Eddie Lacey AL – The squat and powerful Lacey brings to mind (hold on to your socks and cross your fingers) Jerome Bettis. He is powerful, hard hitting, nimble and fleet of foot. He is patient allowing the play to develop and displays 100% commitment to hit the hole and drag defenders along with him. A couple problems exist with injuries and fumbling due to his running style but, he is well worth the risk.

Eddie Lacey Video

2nd Rd – CB Jonathan Banks Miss. State  – The wiry Banks is a Gen 2 corner back at 6’2” 190# he is built to Handle the Calvin Johnsons and Larry Fitzgeralds of the league. (Well, as well as anybody can handle them.) A soft handed ball hawk, he has great leaping ability is hard hitting and plays faster than his listed 4.51 forty. Cornerback is one of the strongest positions in this pretty weak draft so there are a lot of other CB’s you could take early.

Jonathan Banks Video

* 3rd Rd – WR Stedman Bailey WVU – with WR and WVU players always under valued by the NFL, Bailey could still be available at this point in the draft. Ending his college career with 12 TD’s 12,000 yards and an average of 17.9 yards per catch, it is Bailey and not the more famous Tavon Williams that leaves as WVU’s all-time leading receiver. And besides he has a cool-ass name “Bailey, Stedman Bailey.

Stedman Bailey Video

* 4th Rd – OT Kyle Long OR – Son of Howie, brother of  Chris, this 6′-6” 312# tackle has a ton of upside. Athletic and mobile he is effective both in pass and running schemes. Called on to play both LT and LG during his two years at Oregon, he is still a work in progress. Technique needs work, punching rather than latching on to defenders. The Family Long has donned him Most Athletic in the family which is saying quite a lot. Senior Bowl performance shows him to be a ‘plug and play’ guy at Left Tackle.

Kyle Long Video


4th Rd -OT David Quessenberry SJ St. – 6’5” 300# Tackle that mirrors his assignment. Great at playing on an island with a good kick slide. In the Senior Bowl he looked very  good in pass protection against top-flight competition. Any OC would be feel very good about giving Quessenberry field time in his first year. A former Tight End he is very athletic and fluid in run blocking, making it to the next level and delivering multiple hits. Could be a ‘set and forget’ player at Right Tackle.

David Quessenberry Video


* 4th Rd –  S D.J.Swearinger S. Car. – Look for this extremely Hard–hitting, fast closing Center Fielder to become a Dick LeBeau favorite. All over the field, Swearinger can be to intermediate and deep plays what Troy Polamalu is to plays along the line. 79 Tackles, 2 Int., 2 FF and 7 PBU in 2013. Swearinger and Williams could be a Safety duo to watch.

D.J. Swearinger Video

5th Rd – S Shawn Williams GA – The film I’ve seen on him shows a hard-hitting and crafty football player capable of playing SS, OLB and FS. On the line he shoots the gap quickly, in    pass coverage he creates alligator armed WR’s who regret catching the ball when he delivers  a brutal hit. His versatility and athleticism project him to be a perfect Steeler defender. This would be a very good pick. You would much prefer to see him in black and gold rather than purple and  white.

Shawn Williams Video

* 6th Rd – ILB-OLB Cameron Lawrence. – Good height 6′-2” and weight 240# to play Linebacker in the NFL. Good 4.7 40 speed. Lawrence plays a strong overall game and has good initial punch and sweep moves to create space and disengage blockers. A natural gap-shooter in college he should probably move inside at the next level. Had 123 Tackles, 6 TFL, 2 sacks and 2 int as a Junior. Played Quarterback and Defensive Back in High school. A classic overachiever, Lawrence, “acts like he’s been there before” after making a big play.

Cameron Lawrence Irwin Video

6th Rd PK Dustin Hopkins FSU – I’m always predicting the Great Shawn Suisham Breakdown but it never seems to happen. I think the Steelers asured him that a Power Wedgey would be in his future should he screw up. Hopkins 22 of 27 FGA and 44 of 44 in PAT. Could be a great NFL PK for a long time.

Dustin Hopkins Video

7th Rd – COG Joe Madsen WVU – 4 yr starter for the mountaineers Madsen is a good pass blocker and a football smart QB of the Offensive Line. All Big East for his career with the Mountaineers.  A developmental Player, more depth at C-OG position.

Joe Madsen Video

* Denotes Draft Change

Well that’s all until Draft Day. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope we have a great Draft!

Go Stillers!


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  1. Here is a Newer Video with 2012.
    Mississippi State L/B Cameron Lawrence #10 2011-2012 Back to Back 120+Tackle seasons. 291 Tackles, 7 Sacks, 9 pass break ups, 5 forced fumbles and 4 interceptions. All-SEC football, ALL-SEC academics, Team Captain.

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