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Armchair GM – v9

November 24, 2011
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Armchair GM – v9

Fire Dark Lord Chancellor God-El Now!

Okay, Roger Goddell has completely and totally lost his sh!t. He fines Ryan Clark $40,000 for a completely legal hit. Ryan led with his shoulder and there was an accidental collision of heads. Fines should only be for an intentional foul, not for just playing football.

$5,000 and an additional $10,000 for Chicago’s WR Earl Bennet’s orange cleats? $75,000 for Rex Ryan cussing out a fan that was cussing him out? You know if he’s going to keep on doing this the least they could do is have the player donate the fine to the charity of his choice. That way someone will actually benefit from this insanity. I hate to think of the money going to the Dark Lord Chancellor God-El so he can sip champagne in his hot tub with his She-Bitch Tom Brady and laugh haughtily.

Yeah and the Troy fine was stupid as well.

Joe Pa Controversy.

I’ve read almost every article on this thing and I can see absolutely nothing that he did wrong. He never witnessed any these alleged incidents himself. He reported what he heard from his Assistant Coach to the Athletic Director and the President of the Penn State. It was not his place to report this to any higher authority. It was hearsay at that point. The AD and President should have conducted an internal investigation and then reported to the appropriate authorities. So they fire two people that actually did the right thing? And one of the children’s mother was told by the Butt-Rapist Sandusky that he had molested her child and she did nothing??? And now Joe Pa has lung cancer. I’ve never been a big fan of Joe Pa or Penn State, but he is some sort of National Monument, he deserved far better treatment than this.

Steelers Offensive Line and Other Stuff.

5 Sacks, 13 hits, 2 Turtle Doves and a Big Ben Broken Thumb. Enough Already, get Somebody In There that knows his Ass from his Elbow When It Comes to Frickin’ Blocking! I’ve had it with this. It is both dangerous and embarrassing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are on track for a season or career ending injury for Big Ben. Bring back Flozell Adams and Alan Faneca, let the rest of the guys fight it out for the remaining spots. Have I said I’ve had it with this????

William Gay played well, one interception, one pass broken up. Good game for him.

Antonio Brown! Teams are going to have their hands full dealing with him, Mike Wallace, Hines and Heath.

Tim Tebow is a great sort of Puppy Dog kind of Guy. People need to get off his case. I don’t know what he is going to become, but he wins football games. He did it in college and he’s doing it in the NFL. Tebow is like a Super Christ-ie Goody Goody Two Shoes version of Minnesota great QB Joe Kapp, Last game John Elway didn’t even look like he wanted to suit up and go out on the field. If the Broncos organization has a single brain in it’s head they should get behind and make him feel as good as they possibly can.

I think Kyle Orton is going to be a Bear again. Nope, it looks like it’s the Chiefs. We might see him Sunday.

A Thanksgiving Wish

I wish the Dolphins to kick the Cowboys ass, no offense to my friends in Dallas. Happy Thanksgiving.

Check out this link!

Go Stillers!

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