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Armchair GM – Joe Mixon Should be Banned from the NFL

April 20, 2017
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Armchair GM – Joe Mixon Should be Banned from the NFL

This is going to be short. If you hit a woman the way Joe Mixon hit Amelia Molitor, knocking her out, bloodying her face and breaking her jaw you should be BANNED from EVER playing in the NFL. Let’s be clear here, this punch could have killed her if the situation had been slightly different regarding the angle of her fall and how she hit the table and then the hard tile floor. Please, watch the attached VIDEO before commenting.

I just can’t take idiots like Deion Sanders and others on the NFL Network talking about ‘giving the kid another chance’. This should not be an option. It is shameful the way Goodell handled the Ray Rice’s beating of his girlfriend and it is hypocritical at it’s core.

I have a long list of behavior that deserves another chance.

1. Getting a DUI or being drunk. It’s college for cripe’s sake.
2. Drugs. See #1.
3. ‘Performance enhancing drugs’
4. Selling memorabilia or accepting ‘gifts’. Some of these guys are poor. There should be stipend for all college athletes especially football players with the revenue they generate.
5. Punching a player.
6. Punching any normally healthy guy.
7. Yelling at a coach in the heat of competition.
8. Direct messaging a porn star and most other things Chad Kelly has done.

And the list goes on…

What doesn’t deserve another chance for the PRIVELEDGE of playing in the NFL is this:

I hope you watched all of that and saw how Molitor hit the table and lay on the floor before her shocked friends could help her struggle to stand up and I hope you got a good look at her bloodied face. She had to have her jaw wired shut and couldn’t eat solid food for months.

It absolutely disgusts me to read what happened to this girl in the aftermath of this criminal assault. It speaks to a youth that has not been raised right that they were blaming Molitor for the viscous attack. So much so, Molitor had to quit college for a year before returning to Oklahoma.

And Mixon’s ‘It felt like some dude hit me’ defense would be laughable if it wasn’t so horrifically dishonest at it’s core. Mixon is a 200# world class athlete putting all of his weight into a punch directed at a 120# girl who pushed him, barely moving him and slapped him. How this can’t be felony assault escapes me. It’s part of the exceptionalism for athletes and that is a subject for another column.

The NFL taking it easy on people like Ray Rice, Michael Vick and Joe Mixon sends the wrong message to the world. This conduct should not be tolerated and players like this should be banned for life from the NFL.

Jeffrey Burton

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