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Armchair GM: Juju Has Got Nothing to Apologize For and Neither do the Steelers

December 7, 2017
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Armchair GM: Juju Has Got Nothing to Apologize For and Neither do the Steelers

Before I get into the meat of this thing let’s be clear about something: There was NOTHING wrong with the hard BLOCK Juju Smith-Shuster put on Burfict. Burfict was NOT a defenseless player nor was he blindsided. He was a linebacker looking to make a play. Burfict was running toward the action that Juju had his back to and it was Juju’s assignment to take him out.

He did just that.

Yes, the hovering over his prone body was wrong but if any player has ever deserved it, it was the guy on ground.

Before that I was really on the verge of upchucking watching and listening, for hours, to the nauseating spectacle of Jon Gruden declaring his undying love for the Cincinnati Criminals chief football law breaker and cheap shot artist, Vontaze Burfict.

According to Jon none of Burfict’s fines were warranted. Not any of the many times he’s led with crown of his helmet. Not any of the times he’s intentionally gone for the knee of a Quarterback. Not any of the times he has grabbed a player’s lower leg and twisted it in an effort to injure the knee. Not the time he pushed a ref so hard in college he knocked him into the Offensive Line. Not the time he grabbed a player’s facemask and almost yanked his head off. Not the time he head butted a QB as he was standing out of bounds long after the play was dead. Not the time he jammed his open hand into the neck of a player in a choking motion, after the whistle blew, so hard he knocked him off his feet back into the pile. Not any of the MANY times he’s loaded up with his shoulder like the did with a defenseless, already going to the ground, in the grasp of another player, sitting duck, Antonio Brown, knocking him out, giving him a concussion that forced him to miss a playoff game.

No… that just good old hard hitting football.

And for goodness sake don’t say anything about ‘karma’! That might hurt Mr. Burfict’s sensitive little feelings.

And that wasn’t the end of hypocrisy for the night. The announcers went on to list the latest penalties that have been made to neutralize the Pittsburgh Steelers: ‘The Hines Ward Rule’ against hitting ‘defenseless’ players (the way Burfict likes to do), ‘The Ryan Shazier Rule’ so you don’t lead with the helmet (the way Burfict likes to do). They didn’t have time to go back to ‘The Joe Greene Rule’ or ‘The Mel Blount Rule’.

You see when rules are made to neutralize the Steelers that’s good. When non-Steeler players break those same rules it’s just good old hard hitting football. The way it used to be.

For the announcers It was just their way to while away the time in between Gruden’s glowing praise for Vontaze Burfict.

For Burfict it was kar… Shush! Don’t say that word!!! Don’t even think it!

Am I overreacting a little? Maybe. Do I feel the need to apologize for it?

Go Stillers!!!

Jeffrey Burton

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  1. Kev

    Absolutely spot on. The Bengals are working hard to paint Burfict as an innocent victim. Announcers who take a look once or twice a year buy into to B.S. and are totally blind to Burfict’s actions WHILE THEY WATCH realtime. Makes me sick.

  2. Mr. McBlitzface

    Cincinnati is the lowest of the low and Marvin Lewis has no control over them whatsoever. Burfict should’ve been banned by NFL a long time ago and got what was coming to him. The brutal, woman beater, Joe Mixon should never have been allowed in the NFL. George Ieoka’s hit on Antonio Brown was a clear cheap shot that was payback in that bunch of criminal’s mind for Juju’s CLEAN legal hit. Roger Goodell is joke and so is the NFL version of ‘justice’.

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