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Armchair GM – Mike Munchak In as Steelers Offensive Line Coach

January 24, 2014
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Armchair GM – Mike Munchak In as Steelers Offensive Line Coach

Mike Munchak grew up a Steelers fan before he went to Penn State and became a Pro Football Hall of Fame guard, is the new Steelers offensive line coach.

Great Stillers News: Mike Munchak former Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans has signed on to the Steelers as Offensive Line Coach. This is a great because not only do we get a great coach for a real position of need, we get asshole insurance should Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley continue to suck… which he will.

I’ve been hoping for a return of Russ Grimm but this is excellent news. Munchak has 3 years as Head Coach at the hopeless Jaguar organization. He’s an NFL Hall of Famer having played 12 season at Left Guard. He brings a great deal of personal expertise to a position that has been absolutely horrid for way too long.

The best thing Ben did last year was starting those trade rumors because he finally got the Steelers Brass’ attention. Mike Munchak is a very collaborative person that will make a priority out of doing everything possible to protect Ben and make his life easier.

He is also an offensive mind that is much more in tune with Steelers’ football. I expect Le’Veon Bell to blossom this next year. If we get a franchise Left Tackle and some good reserves, we may start to see the end of a long and terrible era in Steelers’ history at the OL.

Mike Tomlin is down in Mobile with staffers looking at Senior Bowl talent. I’m guessing Munchak will be joining him. There’s a lot of offensive linemen down there getting long looks and interviews. Senior Bowl coverage is all week coming up to the Saturday 3:00 Pre-show with Kick Off at 4:00 on NFL Network.

Go Stillers!

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