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Armchair GM – T.J. Watt Dominates and Chickillo Shines in 2017 Debut

September 12, 2017
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Armchair GM – T.J. Watt Dominates and Chickillo Shines in 2017 Debut

T.J. Watt didn’t just have a dominant rookie debut.

T.J. Watt had a dominant rookie debut against a 10 time All-Pro Left Tackle. LT Joe Thomas of the Browns had his hands full all day trying to effectively block Watt.

Watts’ stats against the Browns were video game numbers with 7 tackles, 2 for loss, 2 Quarterback hits, 2 sacks, 1 pass deflection and 1 interception.

What has been so impressive about Watt so far and what is totally surprising is his functional strength. Last year, for Wisconsin, Watt was a Linebacker with a Tight End’s body. The T.J. Watt the Steelers have is a Linebacker in a Defensive End’s body.

Watt looks BIG on the field and he routinely walks Left Tackles back into the their Quarterbacks when he can’t disengage. The Steelers haven’t had a LB with this kind of power since a young LaMarr Woodley.

The rookie 1st Round Draft pick also showed an incredible motor. On one sack he drove a TE into DeShone Kizer to flush him out of the pocket then fought off another block to come across the field for the  sack.

AND he’s doing this with a very limited amount of pass rush moves. This is a guy who’s still learning how to play the position.


We MUST give a more than honorable mention to LB Anthony Chickillo. Who, if not for Watt’s ridiculous display, would have been the player of the game with 6 tackles, 1 for loss, 2 Quarterback hits, 2 sacks and 1 fumble recovery. Bud Dupree is going to have to keep his eye in his rear view mirror because someone is coming up on him.

The future looks great with these two young linebackers.

Go Stillers!!!

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