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Armchair GM: Top Five 2018 Draft Steelers QB Candidates – #4 Baker Mayfield

September 25, 2017
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Armchair GM: Top Five 2018 Draft Steelers QB Candidates – #4 Baker Mayfield

If the Steelers want to draft a QB of the future, 2018 is the year to do it. While there are a lot of quality college QBs, the NFL has around 7 or 8 teams who may pull the trigger in the 1st or 2nd Rd, so the Steelers will probably have to trade up to get the guy they want but that is a subject for another article.

And I know, it’s a series on the top five so what’s up with the #6? This year the college ranks have a deep and talented crop of signal callers. Baker Mayfield is the Russell Wilson of this year’s draft. While I couldn’t put him in my top five I couldn’t leave him out of the series.

The first time I became conscious of Mayfield was last year’s Oklahoma vs Texas Tech game when he out gunslung the Gunslinger, Patrick Mahomes. Mayfield was for 27/36 for 545 yards and 7 touchdowns. Mahomes threw for 743 yards that night but he only had a paltry 5 touchdowns in the loss. (Sarcasm font)

Whoever drafts Mayfield is going to get a talented QB with intangibles to spare and a history of playing big when it matters. There are some haters who think he’s too short at 6′-1″ to make it but tell that to Drew Brees.

And tell it to Ohio State.

Baker Mayfield, Quarterback – Oklahoma – 6′-1″ 215#  – Projected Rd 1-3.

Class G         Cmp    Att       Pct      Yds     Y/A      AY/A   TD       Int        Rate

FR       8          218     340     64.1    2315   6.8       6.3       12        9          127.7

JR       13        269     395     68.1    3700   9.4       10.4    36        7          173.3

JR       13        254     358     70.9    3965   11.1    12.3    40        8          196.4

SR      3          63        82        76.8    1046   12.8    15.2    10        0          224.2

OA      37        804     1175   68.4    11026 9.4       10.1    98        24        170.7

Arm Talent – Mayfield can make all the throws. His delivery looks smooth and his mechanics are solid. He has a good touch on his short and intermediate passes and routinely hits his man in stride on the long balls. Good ball placement. Can throw to the back shoulder and away from coverage. Still a see it, throw it passer, Mayfield’s ball placement bodes well for anticipation throws.

Leadership/Intangibles – Plays like a winner. Unwilling to believe he will get outgunned by the opposition’s Quarterback. You can tell players believe in him and like to rally around him.

Mobility – A natural pocket passer, Mayfield can be very elusive while always keeping his eyes downfield to make the throw. Can also tuck it and run. Has good short area quickness and can make things happen. Oklahoma utilized Mayfield’s mobility in designed run plays.

Under Pressure – Sometimes looks a little harried when in the thick of it, Mayfield still manages to fight the tendency to bolt. He scrambles a little finds a safe spot and lets it fly. Does get a little choppy in his stance but not to the point of having ‘happy feet’.

Concerns/Areas Needing Work – Tries to force the ball. Takes chances that might not pay off at the next level. Sometimes displays traits that show he might have problems under NFL pressure. Is a little shorter than the modern prototypical NFL Quarterback.

And he did this:

Feb. 25, 2017 arrest.

Now, I’m not one to judge and I’m glad they didn’t have camera’s everywhere when I was in college.

Bottom line: Whoever drafts Baker Mayfield is getting a technically sound, accurate and mobile QB with all the tools to succeed at the next level. He projects as a starter and at the least should have a long NFL career as a #2. You could also be getting the next Russell Wilson and that wouldn’t be bad at all.

Go Stillers!!!

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  1. mm Pitt-Dad

    I like Sam Darnold but there’s no way he’ll be available anywhere the Steelers could draft him.