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Armchair GM: Top Five 2018 Draft Steelers QB Candidates – #5, Josh Allen

October 3, 2017
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Armchair GM: Top Five 2018 Draft Steelers QB Candidates – #5, Josh Allen

Josh Allen is getting comparisons to our own Ben Rothlisberger. Many pundits have him as the #2 Quarterback for the 2018 Draft behind Sam Darnold. While I like Allen I’m not ready to go that far, yet.

Allen does have the height at 6′-5″ and the arm talent. He’s a very difficult player to evaluate because he has a lousy supporting cast at Wyoming. There are usually at least 4 to 5 drops per game and these are not difficult catches. This is Allen delivering ball right to where the play was designed to go. He also spends a great deal of each game running for his life because of the Cowboys’ terrible pass blocking.

A multi-sport star in high school, Allen began his college career as a Junior College walk-on. He was a tall string bean and didn’t get recruited by any NCAA colleges. He put on some weight and sent out film to a bunch of teams, resulting in him getting a tryout with Wyoming. He broke his collarbone in his sophomore year and was redshirted. He came back as a sophomore starting 14 games and threw for 28 touchdowns.

Allen considered declaring for the 2017 Draft but a call to Carson Wentz changed his mind.

It’s difficult to grade Allen based on his statistics, because, if he didn’t have receivers with hands of stone, his completion percentage would almost certainly be more than the 55.9% he has on his career. Wyoming doesn’t run the standard college dink and dunk passing game. Allen is making some healthy throws and shows the arm to complete all the NFL passes. He’s also very mobile and routinely escapes from pressure to deliver the ball down the field.

Even with all the question marks Josh Allen is a very exciting prospect who projects as a starter at the NFL level and may be able to excel with time and the right players around him.

This video of last year’s bowl game against BYU shows the good and bad.

Josh Allen, Quarterback – Wyoming – 6′-5″ 230#  – Projected Rd – 1st.

Class  G         Att       Comp             Pct      Yds     Y/A      AY/A   TD       Int        Rate

SO      2          4          6          66.7    51        8.5       8.5       0          0          138.1

SO      14        209     373     56.0    3203   8.6       8.3       28        15        144.9

JR       4          63        115     54.8    658     5.7       5.1       3          3          106.2

OA      20        276     494     55.9    3912   7.9       7.5       31        18        135.8

Arm Talent – You can clearly see why Allen is drawing comparisons to Big Ben. He can throw with authority anywhere on the field. Flashes elite arm talent. His short and intermediate passes sometimes lack touch and placement but he is generally strong in this part of his game. Quick release with no wasted energy in his mechanics. Can and does hit players on his deep throws and he has no trouble hitting his man in stride on the long ball.  Can fit the ball into a tight window.

Leadership/Intangibles – Keeps plugging away no matter how many dropped balls or how much time he spends running for his life. Never shows his anger on field. Always appears to be all business. Very even keel in post game interviews. Doesn’t seem to get overly up or down by his or his team’s performance.

Mobility – Allen looks like a natural pocket passer, He is very mobile when protection breaks down and is good at taking a step or two so he can throw the ball. Can make things happen with his legs. Strong runner on Quarterback sneaks and you can forget about arm tackles. This again brings comparison to the Steelers play caller.  Allen has 167 carries for 595 yards at a 3.6 ypc and 8 touchdowns on his career.

Under Pressure – While I wouldn’t call Allen unflappable, he is pretty cool when things breakdown. Moves well in the pocket, keeps his eyes downfield and can flick the ball twenty yards if he has to get rid of it in a hurry. Doesn’t move his feet much when looking to throw.

Concerns/Areas Needing Work – Impossible to evaluate with statistics. You have to use your imagination to project how he will perform at the next level with a better supporting cast. Some of his throws lack touch. Makes some ill advised throws. Can put too much faith in his arm, throwing sometimes into double and even triple coverage, resulting in interceptions.

Bottom line: Like I’ve said, all the film I’ve watched doesn’t make me head over heals for Josh Allen but he looks, throws, runs and plays like an NFL Quarterback. He has strong potential to be a starter at the next level. Has all the tools to develop into a 1st tier talent.  If the Steelers are looking to draft a QB who would fit seamlessly into their current game plan Josh Allen is a strong candidate.

Go Stillers!!!

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  1. Mr. McBlitzface

    I like Allen but I like Mason Rudolph more.

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