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Big Ben being back changes things up for the Steelers

January 19, 2018
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Big Ben being back changes things up for the Steelers

Roethlisberger’s Return Changes Steelers’ Draft Plans

Benjamin Todd Roethlisberger Sr., or Big Ben, as he is affectionately known, has put paid to the rumours that he will not be returning to the Pittsburgh Steelers next season. This calls for a change in the team’s draft plans, and they definitely need a new approach heading into 2018. There have even been reports that he may stay for as long as the next three years.

A Complete Turn Around for Big Ben

This is a turn around from what Roethlisberger at the end of the season just one year ago, when he said he was unsure of returning. This decision, punters who enjoy the NFL online betting NZ and the rest of the world offer will be glad to hear, takes the pressure off of his team to draft a new quarterback. The fact that it sounds likely that he will remain in the game for a couple more years makes it recommendable that the Steelers hold off on drafting for at least another year.

The Consequences for Not Picking in 2018

Not drafting now is good because the squad is set to pick 28th in the draft, which will not give them many options as far as drafting the next quarterback to play for them is concerned. Another effect of waiting to pick a player is that the Steelers’ strategy going after the Super Bowl will necessarily change. It may even be a couple more years before they can start to action rebuilding the team. The urgency will now lie with vamping up their defensive line, and it may well turn out that the top three picks are players intended for defensive positions.

An Inside Linebacker is the Steelers’ First Big Need

The first requirement that the Steelers should look to meeting is the drafting of an inside linebacker, and a good one at that, not an underdog. They may well wish to bring Sean Spence back for the MACK linebacker position, even if it’s just as a placeholder for the draft, but the loss of Ryan Shazier puts the question mark to that position. They need a plug-and-play inside linebacker, and they need it in the draft’s first few rounds.

The Squad Needs a Safety Position Upgrade Too

The Steelers should also seriously improve the safety position. Mike Mitchell has had a less than fantastic season, and questions are starting to pop up about whether his whole career is in decline. The fact that he is as violent a player as he is is also the cause of some upset for Steelers fans.

Sean Davis was also a shaky spot in the defense, and they will want a safety first to place in a dime package, like they used to be able to do with Will Allen. They may even want a safety to play over Davis, and will almost certainly look to getting a replacement for Mike Mitchell.

The team are also in dire need of an outside linebacker -Bad Dupree has simply fallen short of expectations, and will become a free agent after this season unless the Steelers choose to pick up his 5th-year option. Not so likely when one considers it would set them back more than US$9.8 million a season.

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