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Cornerback Depth Could Haunt Steelers

July 10, 2014
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Cornerback Depth Could Haunt Steelers

Ike Taylor

By Thomas Territo,

The Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to do whatever possible to get to where they need to be as perennial playoff contenders heading into the 2014 season. After being simply mediocre the last 2 years, it is time for them to get back on track as a very successful NFL franchise. Despite all the measures they have taken to improve their roster, many wonder why they have not done more to improve their cornerback situation.

Throughout the team’s history, Pittsburgh has been one of the best defensive teams in the NFL. They have gotten away from that recently as some of their top players age out of their prime. Pittsburgh did add some defense in the draft (most notably Ryan Shazier in the first round), but they seem to be overlooking the cornerback position at this point in time.

They can still make a move, but Ike Taylor and Cortez Allen are thought of right now as the 2 top guys on the roster to play at cornerback. Neither of them did much to contribute in fantasy football last year, and they don’t appear to be ready to make a step forward in 2014.

Many looked at the 2014 draft as one that was loaded with a lot of talent at cornerback early on. Pittsburgh had plenty to choose from when they drafted, but they decided to go after a linebacker instead. Perhaps they have a little bit more confidence in Taylor and Allen, but there are plenty of reasons to be worried about the secondary heading into the 2014 season. Pittsburgh has to find a way to limit the passing game as much is possible for teams are going to like them up in a variety of different ways. That could very well lead to another .500 season, and that would obviously frustrate fans of the franchise.



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