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Blitz Draft Tracker

April 28, 2012
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Blitz Draft Tracker

The Pittsburgh Steelers enter the 2012 NFL Draft with a reload attitude. This team is never in the rebuilding stage, but with so many leaders and veterans purged from the roster this off season the time to get younger on both sides of the ball is now. Here at Pittsburgh Blitz we plan to keep track of all the picks as they are made. So feel free to check back to this page often for updates if you missed their picks in the draft.


Steelers 2012 Draft Tracker by Round
# 1GDavid DeCastro6’5310Stanford
David DeCastroNational Football Post: If you want the steal of the draft, I think that award goes to the Steelers landing DeCastro at this spot. DeCastro can come in an play at a high level from Day 1 and should mature into one of the league’s best. NFL ceiling: Consistent All-Pro caliber guard. NFL floor: Above-average starting guard.
#2TMike Adams6’8320Ohio State
Mike AdamsNational Football Post: The Steelers get another steal on the offensive line. Adams has some off-field concerns but he’s one of the few talents in this year’s draft capable of maturing into a starting left tackle. NFL ceiling: Starting left tackle. NFL floor: Underachieving right tackle.
#3OLBSean Spence6’0224Miami
Sean Spence

National Football Post: It’s questionable if he’s an ideal fit as a potential starter. If the Steelers are looking for an athletic nickel backer who can play on third down, Spence can fit that need. However, he’s too small to anchor inside as a 3-4 ILB. NFL ceiling: Starter in a 4-3. NFL floor: Nickel backer.

#4DTAlameda Ta’amu6’3337Washington
Alameda Ta’amu

National Football Post: A massive presence inside, possesses elite natural width and girth through his lower half, but doesn’t look soft at all, as he carries his weight very well. Displays the ability to sit into his stance, keeps his base under him and generates a snap off the football. At times gets a bit upright doubles over at the waste into blocks in order to stay low, but he can gain natural leverage bending at the knees.

#5HBChris Rainey5’9174Florida
Chris Rainey

National Football Post: An explosive straight-line athlete who can consistently outrun angles and break off big plays in the open field. Doesn’t play quite as fast as he times in my view, but reaches top end speed quickly and is a routine home run threat. Is undersized however, a thin framed back who lacks the bulk and/or physicality to hold up inside at the next level.

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