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Armchair GM – v5

August 1, 2011
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Armchair GM – v5

The Way Too Early 2012 Draft Preview

Rd – 1 Ryan Tannehill – Texas A&M – QB-WR-Athlete-P – Tannehill is big, 6-4, 220, Can play QB, WR and would give Ben the big target he wants. So you get a back-up QB, a Wide Receiver and reserve Punter all in one pick. Damn I love versatile players with great hands. He is loved by his teammates, totally self-less, (switched to WR, when he was asked to) and a winner. And since the NFL removed the 3rd QB option, all teams will need a Slash as number three. It all depends on how deep we are in the draft. He’s projected in the 2nd Rd by most sites.

Rd – 2 Nate Potter – Boise St. – OG-OT – 6-6, 320, He can bring help at both the inside and outside O-line. We will need to keep chipping away at this in the draft as the Steelers seem hell-bent on making sure Big Ben has a career ending injury.

Rd – 3 Alameda Ta’amuWashington – NT – Huge, 6-3, 335, Casey Hampton’s game is still good, but both he and Chris Hoke are getting up in years. We need more youth on the D-line and hey, Ta’amu’s someone Troy can hang out with.

Rd – 4 Tony Dye – UCLA – SS-FS-CB – Another versatile player. We need to find a good back-up for Troy and you can always use a guy that can play CB in a pinch. The way all the lines are getting blurred on Defense a lot of the time the Safety ends up playing Nickel or Dime. Stats; 96 tackles, 8 PBU’s.

Rd – 5 Blair Walsh – Georgia – PK – I will be counting the days until Shaun Suisham self-destructs. Blair connected 20-23 on FG, 46-47 on PAT, 6-7 over the 40 yd line and a longest of 53 yds.

Rd – 6 Blake DeChristopher – Virginia Tech – OT – Smart, hardworking, dependable RT prospect. He just seems like a Pittsburgh sort of player. More competition on the O-line.

Rd – 7 Tashaun Gipson – Wyoming – CB – 6-0, 195, All Mountain West Honorable Mention. More competition at the CB position.


Okay, so you’re probably wondering, why go with a QB-WR-P-Athlete in the first round? Well it’s because I couldn’t find a better athlete in round one where I think we’ll be picking. Also as I have written before, Dennis Dixon is too fragile,
Byron Leftwich is a waste of a roster spot and Charlie Batch is on his way to becoming a Coach. I think he’ll make a great one.

Why not go with a CB earlier? We have experience with Bryant McFadden and William Gay and youth with Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown. We have re-signed Ike Taylor who is one of the lynch pins of our Secondary. We need a little time to see if these younger guys pan out.

This is looking to be a very weak draft. We’ll see if anyone’s stock rises when the college season starts up. The NCAA may suck, but at least they don’t have Lockouts.


Donovan McNabb to the Vikings for two 6th Rd Draft Picks? Really?

There are 40 football players better than Big Ben? Really? I can only count two or three at the most.

Mike (the Dog-Killer) Vick is more valuable than Ben? Really? Vick is only minutes away from his O.J. moment.

Hines Ward doesn’t even make the top 100 players? Really?

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Go Stillers!

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