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In Da' House

April 20, 2012
3 minutes read
In Da' House

Pittsburgh Blitz welcomes James Harrison’s Face Mask to the Staff

Once the face mask of the leagues nastiest linebacker, I had it all. I was there when James knocked out Colt McCoy and put Mohammed Massaquoi down for the count. The day he outran Larry Fitzgerald and out smarted Kurt Warner for the longest pick-six ever in a Super Bowl. Yup, I relished in the body slam he place on Vince Young and when he “arrested” that dumb ass Cleveland Browns fan who ran on the field during a game.

Those days are behind me now as a torn rotator chin-strap has ended my career in the NFL as I am now limited to writing for this stupid blog for a living and the pay really sucks too. But I digress.

“Finally the Mask has come back to Pittsburgh”

I guess things could be worse though, I mean have you seen those new “Throw up” uniforms the team released? Are you freaking kidding me, I’ve seen bumble bees squashed on a windshield that looked better. I can already see the wheels turning in James head as he tries to figure out which game the Steelers will wear them and what it will take to get suspended right before it.

Anyhow, it is almost draft time and my friends in the Burgh could be adding a new buddy for James to the linebacker corps or maybe they will get some big fat ass to clog the middle of the field. Heck they could even select a water boy, hell who knows these days. Either way I am 100% positive that the face mask his helmet is assigned too will in no way be better looking than me. If he is, it’s time to put some boots-to-asses.

Well that’s all I have to say about this so I am going to sign off, but before I do I want to just say the ride has just begun. So get ready for some fun here at Pittsburgh Blitz as I, JH Face Mask, kick things into high gear over the next few months.

Oh yea, I almost forgot, these cheap bastards finally got me set up on Twitter @JHFaceMask and on Facebook. So get to it and follow me. You won’t regret it, well maybe some of you will but who gives a whoot!!!

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