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How to Know Your a Steelers Fan

June 19, 2013
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How to Know Your a Steelers Fan

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most storied franchises in the NFL and have been around since they were first known as the Pirates in 1933.

It seems with every season that passes the Pittsburgh Steelers are favored to be one of the better teams in the NFL and make a deep playoff run. Even in the down years, the respect is still given by the odds makers and their odds of making the playoffs are almost always pretty good.  See available NFL future odds.

Personally I have been a fan of the Steelers since the early 80’s, when I first started getting into the NFL. The team was not the best at the time, but history was on their side and my love affair with them started pretty early in life and continues today.

We all have our reasons for how we started rooting for the Steelers, though.

Here are five ways you know your favorite team is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When Your Towels Are “Terrible”

terrible towel

You woke up one morning and went to the closet to get a towel to take a shower. When you open the door, though, you realize every single towel seems to be yellow.

You suddenly have the urge to pick up one of the towels and start whipping it in the air.

The Terrible Towel was devised by former Steelers’ radio announcer Myron Cope during the 1975 playoffs.

Ever since that time, the stadium could be seen full of fans waving their towels as they cheer for the black and gold.

History of Terrible Towel from Steelers.com

When Your Hair Looks Like This

troy polamaluSo you grabbed your towel and see that all your shampoo was replaced with Head and Shoulders. Not thinking anything of it, you go along with your day.

You then look in the mirror and see your hair is now black, curly, and down your back.

Your voice has all of a sudden become soft spoken and there is the strange urge to confuse your opposition by running all over a field.

Troy Polamalu has been one of the best defensive backs in the NFL since being drafted by the Steelers in the first round and he will look to have a healthy 2013 season after playing in only seven games in 2012.

When Roger Goodell Fined You Just For Watching James Harrison Sack A QB

Roger Goodell We’ve all sat there and screamed at the TV as the referees threw another roughing the passer flag at James Harrison. Whether you actually thought Harrison did in fact rough the quarterback, you knew that the NFL would be fining him at some point later that week.

The next day you get a letter in the mail and it says it’s from Roger Goodell.

Upon opening the letter you realize that it is actually a ticket for $10,500 per sack because you failed to overt your eyes from the quarterback being taken down during the game.

In case you weren’t already pissed about it, you then remember that Tom Brady was only fined $10,000 for cleating Ed Reed in the playoffs. Frank Gore was fined $10,500 for his socks being too low during the NFC Championship Game.

When Your Last Bus Ride Was on Feb. 5, 2006

Jerome BettisRashard Mendenhall gave a couple good seasons, though he did not prove to be worthy of getting a second contract from the Steelers. Before him, Willie Parker’s speed made him one of the most productive backs in the league before a broken leg in 2007.

Jerome Bettis, or the “Bus”, was the perfect fit for the Steelers and compiled over 10,000 rushing yards as a Steeler, and 13,622 overall.

Bettis was the epitome of a big back and loved running defenders over on his way to 91 career rushing touchdowns.

Every player in the NFL would love the opportunity to retire the way Bettis did by having a Super Bowl win be the last game they play.

When the “Bus” retired following the Steelers’ win in Super Bowl XL, I believe all public transportation ceased to exist and still doesn’t till this day.

When Six Just Isn’t Enough For You

Super BowlThe Pittsburgh Steelers currently lead the NFL with six Super Bowl Championships and have eight total appearances in the game.

Considering the fact that there are teams in the NFL that have never even been to the Super Bowl, you would think the team and fans would be satisfied.

Steelers’ fans, however, are always looking for the next ring.

Other teams may be satisfied with having a winning record or just making it into the playoffs, but Steelers’ fans always expect a championship.

Some may call us crazy for always being so optimistic, but the reality is that the team has only had one losing season since 2000 and eight playoff appearances in that span.

That being said the past doesn’t have anything to do with how well the 2013 Steelers are going to be. Even with many predicting a down year though, I still see them making a deep run into the playoffs and possibly adding another ring to the trophy case. 

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