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Hurricane Redman hits New York and the Damage is Massive

November 5, 2012
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Hurricane Redman hits New York and the Damage is Massive

A storm was on the horizon and the Pittsburgh Steelers where in the eye of that storm as they unleased “Hurricane Redmen” on the New York Giants to over come a 10 point deficit to beat the G-Nats 24-10. Isaac Redman ran for 147 yards, and scored the winning touchdown from a yard out with 4:02 remaining Sunday as the Pittsburgh Steelers rallied past the New York Giants for the win.

The Steelers would have to over come some early bad calls by the refs and the Giants being spotted 14 points as well as the 10 point deficit to win the game. In a span of about 2 minutes the Giants were handed a pair of TD’s after a series of bad calls starting with a 41 yard pass interferance call on Keenan Lewis inwhich he never touched the wide out and an even worse call on Ryan Clark for helmet to helmet when he clearly was not even close to hitting Cruz in his dome. Followed up by a controversial fumble by Ben Roethlisberger, that was returned by the G-Nats for a touch down, that in any other game would be a incomplete pass.

The Steelers would not give up though. They would put the game on the back of Hurricane Redmen and Big Ben and a defense who played their hearts out, to claw their way to a victory. The refs, the Giants nor the bad calls could hold down Pittsburgh as they moved to 5-3 on the season.

Overcoming unusual sloppiness, the Steelers dominated the second half. The Steelers arrived in New Jersey hours before the game, which might have accounted for their carelessness. They had the fewest giveaways in the NFL entering the game, but were neglectful with the ball and in pass coverage; cornerback Keenan Lewis had 87 yards on two pass interference penalties (the first of which should never have been called). They wasted some great kick returns, too.

It all added up to a pleasant couple of hours for locals, who packed MetLife Stadium despite the difficulties caused by a lack of power in many homes, long gas lines and, of course, severe damage throughout the region.

But when Pittsburgh came on relentlessly, the one-quarter of the 80,991 seats occupied by Terrible Towel-waving Steelers faithful could celebrate an impressive comeback victory, coach Mike Tomlin’s 60th win. This is one of the oldest rivalries in the NFL, although the teams have met only five times in 18 years. It had to feel weird for the Giants to have the ballpark rock when the visitors took charge.

In the wake of Hurricane Redmen the Giants (6-3) saw their four-game winning streak end as Eli Manning threw for only 125 yards in one of the worst games of his career. In the end it was Big Ben standing tall as the Steelers added to New Yorks misery with the win causing damage that may never see repair.

Fantasy studs/duds: Steelers running back Isaac Redman recorded career-highs in rushes (26) and yards (147) on Sunday and rushed for the game-winning touchdown. Hakeem Nicks had just one catch for 10 yards for the Giants. Eli Manning was not sharp throwing to Nicks or anyone else, going just 10-of-24 passing for 125 yards and an interception.

Injury info: Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown injured his ankle late in the first quarter and did not return. Steelers running back Chris Rainey was injured on a kickoff return in the third quarter and left the game for the locker room with an apparent rib injury.  

Next team on the schedule: The Steelers return home to host the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football before 3 divisonal games which they will play the Ravens, Browns and then the Ravens again.


  1. Kevin

    That title is in such bad taste. People died this week. Grow up.

  2. Colin

    I would love to see you make your cute little “Hurricane Redman” joke to the families without homes or mourning the loss of a loved one. I’m a Steelers fan but that joke is unfunny and inappropriate.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, I mean no disrespect, but people die daily, life goes on. I feel bad for the people involved in Sandy but there is nothing wrong with a little humor to lighten the mood. If we all lost our sense of humor when bad things happen, we would never get through them.

  4. Maybe from now on all females with the name Sandy should change them too so not to offend anyone. Just saying….

  5. Colin

    There is no attempt at humor in having the name Sandy. You made a clear attempt at one, and failed miserably. I have not lost my sense of humor, but I find little reason to laugh at such a tragic event. I’m sure you’d agree if you were in any way affected by it.

    It’s fine though, continue to be so careless with your headlines and I’m sure you’ll continue to be an anonymous writer on a never heard of website.

  6. I am not laughing at any tragic event. I made a play on names with a somewhat clever, though probably insensitive, blog title. No harm was meant for anyone nor done to anyone.

    Also, I was very much effected by the hurricane. I too have family and friends in the area without power, who lost their homes, etc…. My thoughts and prayers have gone out to them and everyone else effected countless times.

    I am sorry if you have no sense of humor and the blog title offended you. It was supposed to create a little humor, be a play on words, nothing more.

    I guess next your gonna hit up Jay Leno, Dave Letterman & Jimmy Fallon to complain about the humor they inserted about the hurricane as well? Or are just a anonymous reader with no clout or reach to do so?

  7. Thanks for the comments guys. Even when they are not in my favor, your welcome to post them.

  8. Colin

    Their shows are the time and place for such jokes, people tune in for it. I don’t tune into football articles for it, which is probably since a comedian would have called him Hurricane Isaac, an actual name for a hurricane. Again, unfunny and inappropriate, but you’ve gotten what you wanted out of it…attention.

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