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Jarvis Jones Misses Practice, May Miss Ravens Game

October 17, 2013
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Jarvis Jones Misses Practice, May Miss Ravens Game
As the Steelers prepare for their first crack at their arch-rivals from Baltimore since the Ravens won the Super Bowl, the Steelers may not have one of their key young players.

Jarvis JonesLinebacker Jarvis Jones missed practice on Wednesday. The team says he has a “head” injury.

There previously was no indication that Jones has a “head” injury, or any other injury. And if that “head” injury is a concussion, he’ll need to be cleared by an independent neurologist before he can practice and again before he can play.

The Steelers have a reputation for calling concussions something other than concussions. In the past, the term “concussion-like symptoms” has been used. Once, they said during a game that Hines Ward had a “neck” injury when he actually had a concussion.

Jones entered the NFL amid some concerns about his neck. He left USC after doctors there diagnosed him with spinal stenosis. He was cleared by multiple physicians in the months preceding the draft, and the Steelers didn’t hesitate to make him a first-round selection.

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