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Armchair GM – v4

July 22, 2011
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Armchair GM – v4

John Mackey: A Personal Remembrance

When I was young my mom took me to Super Bowl V. During that game I saw the Great Johnny Unitas throw his final touchdown in a championship game. It was a deflected pass that landed in the Late Great John Mackey’s hands and he ran it across the goal line.

John Mackey single-handedly redefined the tight end position. He was the first vertical threat. There would be no Tony Gonzales, Kellen Winslow, etc,  without him. He headed up the Players Association for years. He had suffered from dementia for the last years of his life may he Rest in Peace.

Going to start my 2012 Little Big Board soon… but that’s enough for now. Look on YouTube and you’ll find other examples of John Mackey’s greatness.

Go Stillers!

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