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Key Players to Pittsburgh Steelers' Success

July 30, 2013
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Key Players to Pittsburgh Steelers' Success

With the summer training camps of all the NFL teams on the horizon, football fans are eagerly waiting for this year’s season. The only people who are even more excited than the players are the ones who plan to indulge in some NFL online betting. Football is indeed one of the most widely followed ball games in the world, and betting on NFL is one of the most profitable means to gamble money, legally. It is highly recommended to visit websites that give tips and guides on betting, such as NFLOnlineBetting.com.

Of all the teams, the Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the hot favorites of NFL fans all around the globe. The present NFL betting trends indicate the unparalleled belief fans have in their teams. The Steelers, on the other hand, are also trying as hard as they could to make a fierce return this year. They have made several important alterations to their roster after winding up the 2012 season. Several veteran Steelers have hung up their boots, and their respective positions have been filled by young and energetic draft picks.

Reading betting tips at NFLOnlineBetting.com will prove to be very helpful.

Reading betting tips at NFLOnlineBetting.com will prove to be very helpful.

When speaking about the young talent in the team, inexperienced players are still not under the spotlight. Rather, those who have spent more than two years with the team and have shown a commendable improvement graph need to step up and perform at a superior level for the team. If it isn’t the young storm taking the opponents down, the Steelers’ won’t be able to secure a playoff spot, resulting in a huge disappointment for the fans, especially for those who figured out the best NFL betting odds.

It isn’t only the young talent that needs to perform better. The existing players on the roster need to step up into higher leadership roles and improve the NFL odds of Steelers making it to the final dance of this year’s season. Here are some key players who would have to step up and make a banging comeback in the 2013 playoffs:

Ben Roethlisberger

Popularly known as the Big Ben, Ben Roethlisberger is, undoubtedly, the heart and soul of Pittsburgh’s offense. Ben is always flirting with injuries, so having him in a healthy state would be of utmost importance. A healthy Ben will definitely make every enthusiast and bettor confident about the success of the team. He is a proven Super Bowl champion, and this year’s NFL superbowl odds will also be in his favor, given that he is standing all healthy in the field. Bumping heads with the team’s offensive coordinator, Todd Haley, is also something that isn’t required this season. As long as Ben is healthy and with a similar state of mind as Haley, the road to the playoffs won’t be a tough one.

Maurkice Pouncey

The offensive line of the team has constantly been in a state of flux for over 5 years now. The only constant thing upfront has been the presence of the center, Maurkice Pouncey. Pouncey is, by far, one of the best offensive linemen on the roster, and he is actually the longest tenured consecutive player in the team. He has proven his skills by holding the Pro-Bowler and All-Pro spots in the previous three seasons. With a constantly rotating offensive line, Pouncey needs to become the figure that the young stars will look to during tough situations. Along with young players like Mike Adams, David DeCastro and Marcus Gilbert, Pouncey could easily act as the centre rock and ride the Steelers all the way to the playoffs.

Jason Worilds

Of all the important players on the team’s roster, Jason Worilds (outside linebacker) needs to earn his spot in the team once again, this season. In his fourth NFL season, Jason might face a do-or-die situation on the grounds. Earlier this off-season, things were going his way with the team releasing James Harrison. However, after the first round draft pick of Jarvis Jones, Worilds will definitely have to step up to save his spot in the team. Jason has a point to prove here, and he would most likely keep the rookie pick sitting on his seat for a longer period.

Though it will take far more than just the aforementioned three players to make this season a success for the Steelers, the exceptional gameplay of these three players is the only hope of the team to aim for their seventh NFL Super Bowl title. Tell us who you think are key players for success in the comments below.

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