LaMarr Woodley tweets that he’s appearing on ‘South Park’ this season

Pittsburgh Steelers

A week from Wednesday, South Park will kick off it’s 17th season. And it will feature a cameo from Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley. We know this because Woodley’s rep confirmed it to

We’ve seen plenty of NFL cameos on South Park before. Cartman was a Dangerous Minds-style teacher who helped high school kids cheat and repeatedly cited Bill Belichick. There was an Inception episode featuring Matt Hasselbeck. Jay Cutler and Tim Tebow have been referenced more than once.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker themselves are actually Broncos fans, so it shouldn’t be that shocking. But what’s the plot line? Well, the Steelers and Broncos played in the first week, in Denver, so perhaps Woodley’s just hanging out, helping the boys learn how to play defense.

Or maybe their arch-rival high school has left-handed kid who plays quarterback and can’t really throw but runs a read option and can’t really be stopped and the kids need help defending it, so they ring up Woodley. Honestly, this could almost go in any direction, up to and including Woodley not actually being on South Park in the first place. But given their history with NFL players, I wouldn’t bet against it.

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