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Le’Veon Bell and Steelers want future together – Negotiations await

February 22, 2018
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Le’Veon Bell and Steelers want future together – Negotiations await

Le’Veon Bell’s Future Seems Certain With Steelers

With the all important franchise tag window just around the corner, the time has come to look at Le’Veon Bell’s future with the Steelers. For now we know that both parties are looking for a long term contract deal. Bell is 26 now so the next contract he signs will be a career making move.

Bell needs to make some smart practical and psychological sporting decisions here to make sure the next 5 years of his career pay off for him. He has already shown he is more than willing to play hardball with the Steelers when he declined a reported $30 million for the first two years contract. Bell stated that he is well aware of what he brings to the table and he even went so far as to say he will either retire or sit out a season if negotiators don’t come to the table with a decent offer.

Holding All The Cards

Bell is currently on a $12 million franchise tag with the Steelers and he is certainly not looking to keep snapping at Pittsburgh’s carrot. In recent interviews Bell has claimed he is happy to retire and spend time with his daughter if he doesn’t feel valued with the Steelers.

They certainly should by now see his value. Bell has worked some minor miracles in his 5 year professional career. His stats show that he has rushed 321 times for a total of 1291 yards. He has scored 11 touchdowns in 2017 alone and he has racked up almost 8000 yards over 62 games, a feast only matched by Eric Dickerson in 1970. The Steelers will never let a valuable player like Bell slip, especially not during that crucial Superbowl window.

One of the ambitions Bell has specifically named is the wish to get a Superbowl ring, and Bitcoin betting enthusiasts may well place wagers on the likelihood of this..  What counts in his favour is the fact that Pittsburgh have budgeted for him and if all goes well, there should be no reason why we don’t see Bell this season as a full player instead of seeing him while away his time in another Tag year.

Bell already showed last year how missing training camp due to negotiation issues caused him to falter in his first three weeks back on the field. Pittsburgh would be loath to allow Bell to befall the same fate again as it hurts team morale and confidence. Now the team and Bell just have to negotiate the Standard Guarantees of the contract which we all know is what is holding up this contract. As Bell said he is looking towards his retirement already so he will be eyeing up a fair pay day for himself.

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