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Martavis Bryant Cleared for Preseason Action

August 10, 2017
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Martavis Bryant Cleared for Preseason Action

The Steelers wide receiver still needs to be fully reinstated

The Steelers very much need to have Martavis Bryant on the field during the 2017 season. Which made the news previously out of camp that Bryant was not yet permitted to play in preseason activity extremely concerning.

Better news: the Steelers announced Wednesday they were informed Bryant was cleared by the NFL to participate in the preseason.

The team-issued statement from general manager Kevin Colbert:

Martavis Bryant has been informed by the NFL that he is now permitted to participate in all preseason activities, including practices and games. He will continue to be evaluated as to his readiness to participate in regular-season activities under the terms of his conditional reinstatement.

That is good news. But there is a massive catch inside the statement. Bryant is not yet cleared for full reinstatement. There is a nice angle to that, however, as it’s believed that Bryant could be reinstated within several days.

Steelers teammates like Ben Roethlisberger have said that Bryant should already be reinstated, and there has to be a little bit of held breath when it comes to wondering if Bryant will be eligible for Week 1. That’s the expectation, but he missed a ton of time and these situations can be tricky.

As CBS NFL Insider Jason La Canfora noted on the Pick Six Podcast recently (subscribe on iTunes here to get all the inside info three times a week), the Steelers themselves were surprised when Bryant found out he could not participate in preseason activity.

It appears Bryant is going to end up being reinstated, however, which means the Steelers could be getting close to seeing their offense at full force in the preseason

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