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Martavis Bryant Needs to Take a Deep Breath

October 24, 2017
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Martavis Bryant Needs to Take a Deep Breath

Last week, Steelers receiver Martavis Bryantmanaged to pull off the “Flick? Flick who?” routine when reports emerged that he wants out of Pittsburgh, possibly due in part to assurances he was given regarding his role moving forward. This week, with his role not changing (and if anything shrinking), Bryant no longer could pretend that he doesn’t want out.

But why should he want out? The guy who has become the bane of his ‘Burgh existence — rookie receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster — is on the roster primarily because: (1) Bryant violated the drug policy enough times to be suspended for all of last year; and (2) as of April, the team had no idea whether he’d be back for 2017. If Bryant had been able to conform to the rules regarding marijuana use (and, yes, the rules are stupid but, no, compliance with them isn’t option), the Steelers wouldn’t have had to draft his potential replacement — and Bryant would be in a contract year.

Instead, he has two seasons to go until he hits the open market, and he currently has a bug up his butt about the fact that the ball isn’t in his hands as much as it used to be.

So what is actually going to happen here? Presumably, nothing. The Steelers, who stuck with him through the suspension, have said they don’t want to trade him. Even if they did, who would trade for a guy who is one bad Friday night away from another indefinite suspension, and who has developed a habit of complaining?

The real concern at this point for Bryant and those close to him should be that his obvious frustration could cause him to do something that would trigger another violation, and result in his banishment from the league, again. While that would definitely get him out of Pittsburgh, it’s probably not the exit he’s envisioning.

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