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Mike Tomlin Going Back to School?

December 11, 2013
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Mike Tomlin Going Back to School?

Is Mike Tomlin really a candidate for the Texas coaching vacancy or is it just another dumb rumor going around?

Rumor has been going around the sports world that Mack Brown will coach his last game for the University of Texas against the Oregon Ducks. With his rumored departure, the focus has mainly been on Alabama coach Nick Saban being his replacement at the legendary program.

On Tuesday night, Chip Brown, writer for Orange Bloods and SiriusXM radio host, appeared on Fox Sports Live to discuss the possible coaching vacancy. Brown listed some surprising names as potential replacements for the Texas legend. Odds are that most of those names are just speculation but one never knows. Future NFL odds for the team will also be impacted in waves by the trifecta of speculation, uncertainty, and ultimate decision by the Steelers.

Names on Brown’s list where Urban Meyer, Jim Harbaugh, David Shaw and what the heck, Mike Tomlin as potential replacements to lead the program.

While Fox Sports Live tweeted that they are in play, the idea that Harbaugh or Tomlin are in play is just downright silly. Either way, it’s a story to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

What if…

Here is a fun question. What if Mike Tomlin did take the job at Texas to lead the Longhorns into the future. Who would the Pittsburgh Steelers look to as a replacement? Would they stay in-house this time? Or would they do what they always seem to do, if you consider always being 3 times in the last 400 or so years. Would they turnover some hidden gems and bring in yet another young, up and coming realatively unknown commodity like they did with Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin?

Who would be on the short list of candidates? Many of the Steelers fans have called for Tomlins job recently. So now is your chance (in a bazzaro world because it isn’t happening), who should be the next Steelers coach if this scenerio plays out? Drop some names in the comments below.


  1. mm kevin

    Jim harbaugh that way it would be a real rivalry with the Ravens brother vs brother AFC North

  2. mm shawn

    Bill Cohwer