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Mock Draft 1.0

April 19, 2012
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Mock Draft 1.0

The 2012 Mock Draft: Armchair GM Edition

As usual my Arch-Nemesis NFL Network’s Mike Mayock torpedoed my draft. So I have a redo. On the good side Charley Casserly also picked Jonathan Martin in the 1st Rd for the Steelers, so I guess it sort of evens out. So without further ado, below is my 7 Round Mock Draft for our 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers.

Rd 1 – Jonathan Martin OT Stanford – An athletic, Intelligent and very mobile LT for Andrew Luck. As a pass protector he mirrors his man very well and has the vision to pick up stunts. He was used in a variety of ways run blocking, pulling inside on certain plays, switching from LT to RT at times. He was used as a decoy at times to make the other team think that they were running in his direction. Since they are moving Marcus Gilbert to LT (Good Move) Martin could anchor the other side of the line at RT. He is a plug and play guy coming from Stanford’s pro-style system.

Rd-2 – Josh Robinson CB UCF – The speedy DB was a Gold Medallist at the Underwear Olympics with a blazing 4.33 40 yd dash. He’s good in man, but seems to like to take chances and let his man get a little bit away from him since he trusts his make-up speed. He has good vision and field awareness in the zone. Dick LeBeau would love this guy. He’s a year away from starting, but could be really good. Punt returns for 15.4 yds a clip.

Formerly Alphonzo ‘I punch cops’ Denard CB Nebraska (this guy can go to the Raiders, Ravens or Bengals) and Stephon Gilmore CB South Carolina

Rd 3 – Alameda Ta’amu NT Washington – Casey Hampton is injured, Chris Hoke is retired. We need a run stuffer for the middle of the DL. Alameda has had a rap for inconsistent play, but he is strong and mobile for a big guy and should be able to be coached up.

Rd 4 – Aaron Henry FS-CB-KR Wisconsin -.A ball hawking center fielder for the Badgers, he has great vision and could be real gem in the mid-rounds. Not an in the box guy, but could be a great potential replacement for when Ryan Clark retires. Can play some CB as well. And he has the Up’s with a 39.5” vertical jump.

Formerly Harrison Smith S Notre Dame

Rd 5 – Audie Cole ILB NC St – So I’ve lost my Slash yet again. So screw it I’m going to cave and make the inevitable LB pick. ILB Audie Cole of NC St. He has good anticipation and is strong in pass coverage. He is a cagey second delay pass rusher and has a nose for the seams..

Formerly Marvin McNutt WR-QB Iowa

Rd 6 – Asante Samuel CB Eagles – In a trade we get a solid starter at CB who got pushed out at Philly. We would have to restructure his contract and he has said he didn’t want to leave Philly, so now he wouldn’t have to since Philly is a suburb of Pittsburgh. Okay, I just said that to piss off Eagles fans.

Formerly Nate Potter OL Boise St.

Rd 7 – Carson Wiggs PK-P-KOS Purdue – This strong legged versatile kicker seems custom made for Hines Field (Yes, I know, I’m renaming it). We need a permanent solution for this position plus he gives you a reserve punter. Steelers were given 3 additional 7th Rd draft picks. (Whoopty Doo). I guess I would take P Bryan Anger, QB Case Keenum and NT Hebron Fangupo to round out the draft.

The Steelers now have gaping holes on the OL, DL, DB, WR and Special Teams. These additions would help to plug some of those gaps.

NFL Free Agency –  ……….. um, ……. Well, ……..You know?….. (Cue the Jeopardy theme)….. The Steelers are doing their usual ‘Free Agency, what’s that?’ Dance. Players they could and should go for….. Hines Ward, no wait he was forced into retirement…….. James Farrior…… oops, my bad….. (Cricket sounds). Oh, wow we signed TE Leonard Pope… (Yawn) and resigned some people not named Wallace.

As usual the Steelers have let any decent Free Agent get picked up by other teams. They wonder why they got their ass handed to them by the Ravens twice last year and why the Patriot’s consistently out perform them. The Pats and the Ravens always try to IMPROVE themselves through both the Draft AND Free Agency, while Steelers seem content to recreate the same team. It is no longer good enough.

Good News. RB Coach Kirby Wilson has returned to the Steelers after his burn accident. As always we wish him all the best and hope to see him on the sidelines this season.

Go Stillers!

Jeffrey Burton

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  1. JB Steel

    Well Asante Samuel is now a Falcon, so the Steelers have passed up that opportunity. Back to Nate Potter at 6 and P Bryan Anger in 7.

  2. JB Steel

    Okay I thought Mike Mayock from NFL Network was going to give me something to write about. He didn’t other than I could do his job and then some sitting on my hands. An hour show and doesn’t get out of the 1st Rd? T Cordy Glenn over T Jonathan Martin? I just don’t see it. Martin has a way bigger upside than Glenn.Tomorrow is going to be interesting

  3. JB Steel

    I’ve watched all the revised Mock Drafts, damn those guys change their minds more than I do and that’s pretty tough to do. I’m standing pat with my latest draft. I can’t help but shake my head, we could have got Asante Samuel for a 7th Rd Draft Pick.

  4. JB Steel

    I also changed out QB Case Keenum for QB Kellen Moore. This guy has a good arm high football I.Q. and could make a great back-up.

  5. JB Steel

    Yes! Steelers pick G David DeCastro. The new Alan Faneca. The left side of the O-line is solidified. They passed up an LB. I’m going to do the Tom Cruise Underwear Dance now.

  6. JB Steel

    Yes, Yes and Hell Yes! LT Mike Adams from Ohio State to stabilize the the right side of the line this next season. The big scarlet letter on him was he part of the cut-rate tattoos for memorabilia scandal. (Woo) We now have LT Marcus Gilbert, LG David DeCastro, C Maukice Pouncey, Ramon Foster and Willie Colon can fight it out for RG and Adams as RT. We go from worst to first in two picks.

  7. JB Steel

    Wow! Steelers trade up to get NT Alameda Ta’amu! I had him in the 3rd, but the Steelers had give in to thier version of Crack, which drafting LB’s.
    Ta’amu should be able to fill the position until Big Snack can make it back from his ACL and then have a year or two to develop.

  8. I am so happy with this draft. It could not have gone better. Our O-Line is now a strength. Spence is a Troy Polamalu clone at LB, Ta’amu (in the 4th are you kidding me… WHOOT!) and then the Steelers go and make it rain and add another speedster to the “Young Money Crew” with HB/WR Chris Rainey. Hell yes… Here we go Pittsburgh.

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