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The Rebirth

April 24, 2012
3 minutes read
The Rebirth

Pittsburgh Blitz Launches Brand New Website

Welcome to the rebirth of Pittsburgh Blitz, the ultimate fan community where the fans control the content and get socially interactive with comprehensive news about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh Blitz now offers our readers a slew of new ways to get involved and add their own twist to the news reported. New additions to the site include in-house forums, the ability for our readers to write articles and submit them for inclusion to the site, a sports blog network to add a link to your own Pittsburgh related websites, member activity streams that are kind of like a built in twitter section.

Some other exciting additions to the site is the ability for members to create groups, friend other members, a listing of top contributors and a built in chat box for chatting with other fans during Steelers games and much, much more.

With all the new options one may think, “Wow this site has it all, it’s your one stop Steelers fan community!” But we are not done yet. In future updates we will be adding a built-in Pinterest type gallery for our readers to share Steelers images and links, a video section to post or view your favorite team related videos, a Q&A section for our readers have their Steelers related questions answered as well as participate in Steelers trivia contest by other readers, a classified section where readers will be able to buy, sell or trade used Steelers related merchandise, tickets, etc. And finally our very own Blitz Store where fans can purchase official merchandise as well.

Over the last few months the staff of Pittsburgh Blitz has poured their blood, sweat and tears into rebuilding this website in hopes of offering our readers the best fan experience possible. Our goal is not to be just another fan blog rehashing news but a full blown Steelers fan community where our members can get involved and help us create a Steelers social explosion.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that we have a new featured writer on our staff. He is the former face mask of James Harrison. Yes you heard us right. The one and only, J.H Face Mask, is now on our staff and will be offering his offbeat correspondence as only he can do. Be sure to check out his Facebook page and Twitter account to learn more about him.

So go ahead and join the Steelers fan revolution by signing up, inviting your friends and getting involved. Be sure to update your profile and add an avatar while you’re at it and feel free to email us with any questions or suggestions you might have about existing features or future ones you would like to see added.

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