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Pittsburgh Blitz Welcomes Steelcity Rockstar to the Staff

Sound Check with SteelCity RockstarWelcome to SOUND CHECK, a blog dedicated to the one and only Pittsburgh Steelers. I’ll be your host, Steelcity Rockstar. Sit down, buckle up, and get ready as you come along for the ride. Together we’ll navigate through rumors and news related to the best team in the NFL.

In the coming weeks you’ll be privy to some of the most in depth coverage and opinions I can muster. 

A quick introduction is in order. I have been covering the Pittsburgh Steelers for the past 5 years. during which time I have written several pieces for various websites and news columns. I am quite opinionated as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell very quickly. Don’t let that be something that steers you away. I welcome debate, encourage fan interactions, and absolutely love being proven wrong. That last one will be a bit of a task, but I’m sure it can be done! 

So in closing, thank you for reading and following the goings-on around here.I’d be no where without my readers, both positive and negative at that. Be prepared for some insights you never quite thought you’d hear about. And as always, rock on!

Jason Noling

Born in the in the heart of the Burgh and growing up on the south side, Jason Noling, aka the one and only Steelcity Rockstar, brings his unique, one-of-a-kind spin to Pittsburgh Blitz. As a former high school and college player he brings a take on positions and schemes unlike any you may have heard before. Much like the name suggests, Jason is bold, charismatic, and in your face (especially when it comes to pride and passion). Reader interaction is encouraged. Debates are required.

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  1. Eric says:

    Welcome aboard. Cant wait to start reading your post.

  2. Welcome to the Show. Good stuff. Rock on, Jb Steel

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