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Pittsburgh Football Fans: A Season Like No Other

November 20, 2018
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Pittsburgh Football Fans: A Season Like No Other

There is one thing that Pittsburgh Steelers football fans like about their team that all other teams don’t have and that’s some swag. But with that swag, it is accompanied with some drama. You know it is just weird when an accomplished NFL team has an off-the-field story which the media describes as “fun”. I thought NBA got drama but the Steelers are way on another level. If you are into online gaming with, you will know just how addictive sports can be.

But all these charades has not stopped the Steelers fans to stick with them through thick and thin. And it all started during the beginning of the season or better described as “the September Stench.” The team began with a 1-2-1 loss.

All That Happened

The drama all began when Le’Veon Bell was a no-show during the teams first official practice of the 2018 season. And honestly, the team grew tired of having to cover up for him with media all over them asking for his whereabouts. To make things worse Bell was seen playing a sport that was not football. He was seen having the time of his life in Miami.

On the other hand, the team back home was having one of the most horrid seasons. Anthony Brown who is arguably one of the best players in NFL history, has five consecutive seasons of at least 100 receptions. But also the player has an ego. When he has criticized that his winning streak was because he plays alongside Ben Roethlisberger he went bananas.

While Brown flouted team rules and Bell wad on vacay the Steelers ultimately tied with Cleveland for the last place. And that’s when things clicked that all was not good. For a team who has won the Superbowl how could they be in the last position? And why on earth would we forget about the game itself to talk about some petty drama? Things had to change and honestly, they did.

No Shave November has been a great time for them. The swag is back and you know what they are winning. As they head to the 11th Week they have already rattled off five straight wins.

There is some sort of confidence which fans missed in the Steelers despite Bell not being part of the team. But hey everyone just got tired of the “drama king.”

The fans have also the regained the confidence which they had on the team. It all began when the Steelers had a huge win over the Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Carolina Panthers and the  Ravens.

If you are a Pittsburgh football fan then you should keep your fingers crossed that this winning streak will hold on till the end of the season.

And if you were really pissed by Bell’s drama have you gotten yourself a T-shirt? You really should the swag is back. It is one way of saying thank you to yourself after enduring all that drama if you know what I mean.


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