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The Pittsburgh Steelers Need to let Bud Dupree Go

January 19, 2018
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The Pittsburgh Steelers Need to let Bud Dupree Go

The Steelers Should Forego Dupree’s Option

If the Pittsburgh Steelers pick up Bud Dupree’s option they will be wasting their money. By no means should they do this – they drafted Dupree with the 22nd pick of the draft in 2015. At that time, they needed depth at the outside linebacker position, and many were saying Dupree was a steal. He seemed to possess the raw tools to make him a pass rusher to be reckoned with, and had developed skills in coverage during the time he had spent in Kentucky. It seemed like he was a perfect fit for the squad.

Three Seasons of Nothing to Write Home About

As Steelers fans, spectators, and punters who enjoy the Pittsburgh Steelers thanks to the online betting NZ and the rest of the planet provides know full well, Dupree has been a part of the team for three seasons now, and has simply failed to live up to the hype. Any of it, at any point in time.

Pass Rushers Need Lots of Sacks and Pressures

The biggest thing that teams look for in their players performing as pass rushers is a great deal of pressure and a lot of sacks. The Steelers, specifically, also ask that their outside linebackers drop into coverage, as well as being linebackers in run defenses. This expectation may be a too lofty one, and may go quite a long way to explaining why the Steelers have invested as many draft resources into this position as they have. They have drafted the position of outside linebacker in the first round three times in the last five years.

Duprees Pressures and Sacks Fall Short

The main reason that Dupree should be released is that the sacks and pressures have simply failed to live up to the first-round billing. The position may have evolved over time, and there is far greater emphasis on dropping into coverage these days, but Dupree’s option is going to cost them more than US$9.8 million dollars for next year’s season.

This means that, if they decide to sign him to an extension, they would be telling him that he warrants a starting point cost of at least US$10 million, and this is simply not the case. That’s a hefty sum by any standards and is coming close to those amounts demanded by top soccer players internationally.

Let Him Play His Last Year and Leave

This is why the team should let him play out the final year of his contract, and then walk when his rookie commitment to the team comes to an end. The Steelers will also be able to take advantage of the terms of the compensatory formula if they allow him to sign with another squad.

Of course the Steelers will need to replace him with a starter at a defensive key position, but it may be worth it to finance an early- to mid-round pick on an outside linebacker in order to establish if he would be able to develop into a starter in his second year. They will have a gap at the left linebacker position otherwise, and this is not an easy position to replace.


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