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The Real Deal, James Neal

May 29, 2013
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The Real Deal, James Neal

Pittsburgh has a own unique name for James Neal. They call him “The Real Deal.” That’s exactly what he has been these last 2 games for the Penguins. He has 5 goals to along with a few assists as well.

Pittsburgh PenguinsAfter a slow start to the series, James Neal has shown the Hockey Gods that he wants a Stanley Cup. He has been performing the last 2 games better than star players Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. He had a Hat trick last night against the Senators in Game 5 when they clinched the series and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since they won their 4th Stanley Cup in 2009.

James Neal’s goals last night were just awesome. His first one, he banged on Craig Anderson’s skate and the puck went in. The 2nd goal was when he stole a puck from ex-penguin Sergei Gonchar and put a wrist shot over Anderson’s shoulder. The 3rd and final goal was absolutely disgusting. Neal came into the zone and did a little sick toe drag against defending Norris Trophy Champion Erik Karrlson and he wristed a shot past Anderson for the Hat Trick. It was one of the sickest goals of his career that I have ever seen.

In conclusion, James Neal is back everyone. He will score more goals like these in the Conference Finals hopefully or the Stanley Cup Final. Maybe he’s saving his best for then. We will just have to sit back and find out what “The Real Deal” has for us.

*Please welcome Hunter Hodies to the staff as our new Pens writer. Drop him a line in the comments below.

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