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Roger that, the Fans Hate the Commish

April 29, 2017
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Roger that, the Fans Hate the Commish

Hey NFL, That’s Not Philadelphia Booing. That’s the Entire Fan Base of the NFL.

The boos raining down on Roger Goodell are not from the local Philly ‘Boo Birds’. It is a collective BOO from ALL the fans gathered from all over the country to view the 2017 Draft.

When do you remember any commissioner of any sport in the United States being so consistently booed? That never happened to Paul Tagliabue or Pete Rozelle. It’s not just the Draft, at every event Goodell goes to he is roundly booed and with good reason.

The fan base can no longer stand his hypocrisy. They can’t stand Goodell’s  constant tampering with game they love. He has lost the confidence of the fan base and they no longer want him interfering in the sport they love.

As this video shows the booing has been going on for at least six years.

Ridiculously Arbitrary Discipline

Here’s a guy who fines players for hits he deems to hard but will allow a player who hits a woman so hard he knocks her unconscious to play in the league. Goodell’s ‘discipline’ is so arbitrary and uneven it has sparked the running joke, ‘Insert Name’ fouled someone so Goodell fined James Harrison.

The No Fun League

Goodelll has clamped down on celebrations so much he has outlawed any normal human expression from the game. Goodell would seem to want the league peopled with emotionless robots. It is NOT. It is filled with highly trained athletes who have every right to celebrate when they score a touchdown or make a big hits. And the they should be allowed to MAKE A BIG HIT.

Getting Rid of Kick Offs

By moving the tee forward, again in a ‘player safety’ move, Goodell has removed one the most exciting plays from the game of football. It is now a yawn as kick after kick goes out the endzone. It’s devalued a Kick Returner to the point where it is no longer enough to just return kicks to make a roster.

And don’t get me started on the idiotic overtime rules. Each team had the WHOLE GAME to win. If one side kicks a field goal in OT the game should be OVER.

The No Fan Fun League

Not content to limit the sales of beer in the stadium, Goodell has even gone to the parking lots to bad vibe tailgaters. It is not the NFL’s job to police NFL fans. We are all adults and can select our own designated drivers.

I could go on and on and you can read more Goodell’s horrendously bad decisions here:

Bottom line, Roger Goodell is a control freak who doesn’t understand the game of football and is trying to make it ‘safe’ but only in the way he thinks is safe and force all spontaneity out of the game.

Roger Goodell is HORRIBLE for football and ALL the fans of the NFL know it.

The Owners should take heed of this booing because the The Fans are booing them, too.  

Jack Lambert for Commissioner!!!

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