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When Schedule Comes Out, Polamalu Looks at December First

March 30, 2013
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When Schedule Comes Out, Polamalu Looks at December First
Steelers safety Troy Polamalu grew up in California and played college football at USC.  But when it comes to his pro career, Polamalu has become a cold-weather guy.

He explained on Friday’s Pro Football Talk that, when the schedule comes out for the next season, he first searches the last month of the year.

Steelers“I look to see who we play for in December,” Polamalu said.  “I always look to see like where our warm games are and where our cold games are.  So like, playing outdoors in Green Bay is not too exciting, playing outdoor or indoor in December is always exciting for us cold-weather teams.  The unique thing about the AFC North is that we don’t have a cold-weather break. Whether it’s the NFC North, you know, Chicago and Green Bay, they can go to Minnesota in the indoor game and Detroit and play indoors.  Well, all four of our teams are outdoors and Baltimore, Cincinnati and Cleveland and Pittsburgh. So they’re all cold weather games so we never really get a break from the cold weather.”

This year, the Steelers have six away games that could be played in cold weather — at Baltimore, Cleveland, Cincinnati, New England, the Jets, and Green Bay.  The other two road games will occur at Oakland, and “at” Minnesota in London, in October.

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