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Armchair GM – v2

April 19, 2011
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Armchair GM – v2

NFL Draft The Little Big Board

The Super Bowl (Now Long Gone)

Hey, our guys gave it their best and if another game had been played immediately after the result would probably been different. Can’t find anyone to fault on this one. It was a great season and I look forward to next year.

The 2011 NFL Draft

First off, the NFL has filed a lawsuit against the NFLPA. And the NFLPA has decertified. So if all this crap doesn’t get resolved we won’t have a next season. Dark Lord Chancellor God-El seems to be doing his usual fantastic job of screwing the pooch. I can’t wait until the next upper lip sweating press conference. At least he got what he wanted in the Super Bowl… a Steelers loss. Movin’ on…

Well maybe not, $1 a year for God-El’s salary? Way overpaid.

Hey, wait how can you have Lock-out against NFLPA that no longer exists?

The 2011 NFL Draft Little Big Board

This is my Little Big Board. We are drafting 31st. And the Dark Lord has deemed that we should get nothing for Stefan Logan and Jeff Reed. This is not a sexy Draft, a lot of the prime choices will already be off the board.

Rd 1 – OT 31Rd 2 –63 CBRd 3 – DE – NT 95
Gabe Carimi LT WisconsinAaron Williams CB TexasChristian Ballard DE Iowa
Nate Solder LT   ColoradoBrandon Burton CB UtahAllen Bailey DE Miami
Anthony Costanzo LT Boston CollegeDavon House CB N.MexDerek Wolfe DE   Cincinnati
Mike Pouncey OG-C FloridaRas I-Dowling CB VirginiaJerrel Powe NT Mississippi
Derek Sherrod OT-OG Miss StateCnimdi Chekwa CB OSUSione Fua NT Stanford
Rd 4 – OL 127Rd 5 – S 159Rd 6 – OL 191
John Moffit OG-C WisconsinAhmad Black SS-FS FloridaJah Reid OT Central Fla.
Joseph Barksdale OT  LSUTyler Sash SS IowaButch Lewis OT USC
DeMarcus Love LT ArizonaShiloh Keo SS-FS-PR IdahoDerek Newton OT Ark. St.
Lee Ziemba LT   AuburnJaiquawn Jarrete FS TempleCarl Johson OG/RT Florida
Marcus Cannon RT  TCUMark LaGree FS App. St.Derek Hall OT Stanford
Rd 7 DE 223
Ricky Elmore DE Arizona
Sione Fua NT Stanford
Ollie Ogbu NT-DE Penn. St.
Chris Neild NT WVU
Kendrick Ellis NT Hampton

Round by Round Breakdown.

1st Rd – OL – Our biggest place of need. If we get Gabe Carimi great. Mike Pouncey would be a good choice as well. And Derek Sherrod.

2nd Rd – CB – All of the franchise DB players will be off the board by the time we draft in the 1st. Aaron Williams will probably be off the board in the 2nd, but it’s a deep CB draft with lots of man to man specialists.

3rd Rd – DL – We can’t get enough help at the Offensive, Defensive Line and Defensive Back positions. Christian Ballard is better than his higher touted teammate, Taxi Driver Puncher, Adrian Clayborn. Balllard who played at DT his college career, is a natural 3-4 DE.

4th Rd – OL – If we get Gabe Carimi, it has to be Wisconsin teammate John Moffit to lock down the Left Side. If it’s Mike Pouncey it should be LT Joseph Barksdale who is sliding for some reason.

5th Rd – S – Ahmad Black is too short and too slow, but he’s a ball-hawking football player with great vision that Dick LeBeau will love. A Bob Sanders sort, hopefully, not so injury prone. Tyler Sash is also a great option here. Shiloh Keo is a total psycho. LeBeau likes psychos.

This didn’t happen – 5th Rd – QB – (for Stefan Logan) this is a projection, but seeing Logan was responsible for 1700 yards with the Lions, I think we’ll get something like this in compensation. Colin Kaepernick will be long gone, but big-armed Ricky Stanzi and West-Coast dart thrower Scott Tolzien are both pro-ready players. Waive Byron Leftwich, try to raise Dennis Dixon’s stock in preseason and trade him.

Let Charlie Batch be the veteran backup until he becomes a coach.

6th Rd – OL – Jah Reid UCF is way underrated, especially in pass protection. A Dancer as NFL Network Jamie Dukes likes to put it. Coach-able as run blocker.

This didn’t happen – 6th Rd – PK-P or Misc – (for Jeff Reed) Another projection, Alex Henery would provide both a Place Kicker and backup Punter. If he isn’t there we should go for Robert Housler the others will be available as free agents. Good news for Reed, in SanFran, he can do whatever drugs he wants, Jerry Brown is Governor for cripes sake.-

7th Rd – DL – Ricky Elmore another way underrated player from a small market, Arizona and in a rotating scheme. A late round 3-4 DE steal.

Free Agents

Noel Devine RB WVU – The change of pace Back the Steelers need?

Mario Fannin RB Auburn – Explosive burst runner. See above.

Dion Lewis RB Pittsburgh – See above and above.

Taiwan Jones RB EWU – See above, above and above.

Chris Neild NT WVU – Undersized QB of DL. Not the next Casey Hampton, but there is something undeniably Steeler about him.

Robert Housler TE-HB-WR Fla. Atlantic – At 6’-5” with a 4.53 40 (Combine speed) and great hands, Housler could run the seam and create havoc. Not a great blocker, but that would change quickly under the tutelage of Hines and Heath.

Owen Marecic MLB-HB-ST Stanford – Marecic could have played with Slingin’ Sammy Baugh and Bronko Nagurski. If this guy isn’t a Steeler, nobody is.

Alex Henery – PK – P – Probably not here. But, hey…

Matt Bosher – PK – P – Had some problems last year, maybe injury related.

Scott Tolzien QB – Wisconsin – Solid Game Manager.

Guys I Haven’t Given up On.

CB’s Keenan Lewis, Crezdon Butler and OL Chris Scott.

News Alert! (Fake)

The Dark Lord Chancellor God-El has declared himself The Lord of Football Operations for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In a statement today:

“Wow, that got a little too close. I mean it was only a 5 point game. (the Super Bowl) It was a good thing I was in my pool, sipping champagne and laughing diabolically, my upper-lip sweat leveled my pool of without having to use the hose at all.

I am now implementing in my dual capacity a number of rules. These rules will only apply to the Steelers of course. The No Hit Rule. The No Getting rid of Shaun Suisham Rule. The Bruce Arians as OC for Life Rule. The No Up-Grading from the Draft or Free-Agency Rule. The list goes on and can be found at It is my goal to make the Steelers resemble the Steelers of the 60’s and earlier. Thank You.” (Bold Re-Imagining)

Along this line, kicking off at the 35 and touchbacks to the 25? WTF? They are eliminating both Kick Returners and Kick-off Specialists. Can’t they stop with the  new stupid rules???

Real News!

The SANFL has come up with their ruling. Kickoffs from the 35, touchbacks to the 20 and the 2 man wedge stays. WTF? Part Deux. Why couldn’t they have got rid of the wedge altogether and left the rest the same? And put in a Nolan Carol rule. You should not be allowed to run out of bounds as gunner for 30 yds and come in and make a play. That NY Jets coach should never have been fined and fired.

Steve Marriuci – After watching NFL’s ‘Game Changers’ you can tell this guy loves to coach and is damn good at it. Can’t we make him our Offensive Coordinator? Please… I think he would be great for Ben and he would love to be part of a Super Bowl run.

Lottery Winners vs. Football Players

Lottery Winners – Jemarcus Russell, Andre Smith and Ryan Leaf.

Football Players –Brett Favre, Chad Pennington and Troy Polamalu.

OB’s vs. Throwers

OB’s – Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder and Johnny Unitas.

Throwers – Ryan Mallet, Jeff George and Jake Locker.

Breaking Noses

A nose for a nose, that’s all I’m sayin’.

Go Stillers!

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  1. Jeffrey Burton

    Given the Ironhead Jr. Pick. My 2nd and 3rd picks at CB (Available: Aaron Williams, Ras-I Dowling, Brandon Harris, Curtis Brown, Brandon Burton, Chiki Chekwa, Jalil Brown, Shareece Wright and Davon House) or OT (Available: Dereck Sherrod, Ben Ijalana, Orlando Franklin, Marcus Gilbert and James Brewer) are interchangeable. I hoped we could get the franchise LT, but they were all gone by the time we drafted. Looking forward to tonight. Go Stillers!

  2. Jeffrey Burton

    Oops, Derek Sherrod went to the Packers.

  3. Jeffrey Burton

    NFL Draft – Day 3 I had the first 3 Draft Picks correct by position. I had OT, CB & DE, it went DE, OT & CB. For day 3 Rd 4 OL (Clint Bowling, Marcus Cannon, James Brewer Lee Ziemba and Demarcus Love) Rd 5 S (Ahmad Black, Tyler Sash, Eric Hagg and Shiloh Keo) Rd 6 PK or OL (Alex Henery PK or Bryant Browning, Byron Bell Bell and Chris Hairston) Rd 7 DL of ? (Ricky Elmore, Jerrell Powe) or see Free Agent list above. Since the Lockout is back on they may want to seal the deal with the Draft.

  4. Dave@secondcityjerseys

    Lottery Winners vs. Football Players
    Think this should be changed to 
    Lottery Winners vs. Lottery Winners
    once the lockout is sorted out !!

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