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Steelers Armchair GM – Win, Baby, Win!

December 29, 2013
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Steelers Armchair GM – Win, Baby, Win!

The Late Season Race

Unbelievably the Steelers find themselves still alive for a playoff berth. This is why we love our guys. How in the world can a team start out in the horrendous way the Steelers did and have a mathematical (in if the planets align sort of way) possibility of making to the playoffs. So go Stillers!

The Other Late Season Race

Well we really blew it. We’re entirely out of the Jake Matthews Sweepstakes. If we draft an LT and he develops it would be great, but Jake of the NFL Royalty Matthews family, was a potential perennial All Pro. I really don’t care who we beat or lose to on our way to NFL draft selection mediocrity. I’ll get to the draft in a second since this is the beginning of MY season, I have a lot to talk about.

The Solution   

The great news of the season is that the Todd Haley Reign of Terror has finally come to an end. No more lateral passing attack for the Steelers. It’s obvious that somewhere around the time of the “Ben Rothlisberger wants to traded’ rumors there was a change made. Ben is obviously in charge of the play calling now and man does it show! I still think that Haley needs to go, but you can tell by his comments and on camera demeanor that he’s no longer running roughshod over Ben and our offensive personnel anymore. He’s probably crying in his rice crispies. Ben is calling 100% of the plays in no huddle, audibling freely and has his stamp all over the offensive style of the team. He’s also getting rid of the ball quicker than he ever has in his career.

It seems we should always plant the notion in Le’Veon Bell’s head that he’s got something to prove after seeing the result against Eddie Lacey. Antonio Brown rocks and the team really misses James Harrison.

2014 Steelers Draft – The First Pass

This is my first pass and it will change as we get closer to the Draft.

Rd 1 –  WR – Sammy Watkins*,  6′-0″, 200#, Texas –  Fast, great hands, catches as good across the middle as Hines Ward. (and that’s sayin’ something)

Rd 2 – LT – Antonio Richardson, 6′-6″, 330#, Tennessee, Strong pass protector to stop the left side bleeding. Still needs to develop in run blocking but he’s still at the top of this years class in that department and the Steelers are strong in teaching this aspect of the game.

Rd 3 –  (for Mike Wallace)OLB – Kareem Martin, 6′ -6″, 270# , North Carolina, Incredibly athletic DE convert. Could be something spectacular at speed rush. This is to make up for El-Stinko El-Floppo Jarvis Jones. (Boy, it was such a good idea to push James Harrison out.)

Rd 4 – FS  – Terrence Brooks, 6′-3″, 210#’ FS, FSU, Hard hitting, with good vision and a nose for the ball to prep for the post Ryan era.

Rd. 5 – CB – Andre Hal, Vanderbilt, 6-0, 186#. Good man coverage and never gives up on a play. Always seems to be around the ball.  Possible #2 or slot DB.

Rd. 5 – (for Keenan Lewis)RB/WR/KR – De’Anthony Thomas*, 5′-8″, 180#, Oregon, Big play potential. Scat Back type the Steelers have been looking for for years.

One of these next two picks may be taken by the PFL (Punk-ass Football League) for Tomlin’s sideline Fox Trot… bitches.

Rd. 6 – ILB – Andrew Jackson, 6′-1″, 265#’, Western Kentucky, Play calling gap shooting, playmaker. Great slide move off of blocks. Patterns his play after Ray Lewis.

Rd. 7 – OG/OT – Andrew Norwell, 6′-6″, 319#, OSU, Starter at LG. Versatile interior lineman for more line depth.

Well lets get behind our guys and against the Dolphins, Ravens and Chargers. Once more into the breach.

Go Stillers!

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