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Steelers ‘Can’t Wait’ to Face OBJ Twice a Season

April 8, 2019
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Steelers ‘Can’t Wait’ to Face OBJ Twice a Season

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the greatest teams in the NFL. They have not only won the Superbowl, but they hold the highest number of wins. However, this season they are making the headlines not for the drama which happened in the previous season but because of their new starting cornerbacks. If you are into NJ sports betting, and are looking forward to betting on the next matches, we are sure you would find this piece interesting.

In a recent interview with TMZ sports starting cornerbacks, Joe Haden and Steven Nelson expressed their excitement in facing the Browns. According to the two Steelers players, the biggest threat in the regular season is Odell Beckham Jr. The latter is famously known as OBJ.

Joe Haden has been playing for the Steelers for the past three seasons.  Haden once faced OBJ in 2016 while the former was still playing for the Browns as a free agent. However, Hayden was a star during the era of Sashi Brown. But seven years down the line he was not performing as he used to and his health was not that great. As a result, Brown thought it was best to let him go. Having said that, the move did come as a surprise to some fans, who would have wanted Hayden to continue.

On the other hand, Steven Nelson signs a three-year contract worth 25.4 million dollars with the Steelers. In a news conference, Nelson shared his desire to meet OBJ in-the-field.

Why is OBJ considered a threat in the new NFL season?

When the Cleveland Browns acquired OBJ, it meant that they were the new targets. In short, the Browns are considered as the best NFL team to beat this season. OBJ’s presence in the group has significantly strengthened their offence. Currently, the Browns offence is made up of Beckham, Jarvis Landry and Baker Mayfield. So it is without a doubt they are potentially the best offence in the NFL.

However, it seems that even before OBJ put on the Browns uniform, he has already become a target for some teams.  The Steelers Pittsburgh players are at the forefront who wants to battle it out with OBJ in the regular season. Now that OBJ is part of the offence it means that other teams will use their defence to try and shut down the Brown.

We cannot end this article without mentioning that OBJ was about to be part of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rumors are swirling around that Antonio Brown will be retiring. Therefore, the Pittsburgh Steelers will need a replacement. However, OBJ did not consider becoming a Steeler because of all the endless drama that happened last season.

As fans wait for the new NFL regular season to begin, we cannot wait to see which team will walk away with the bragging rights. However, it seems that all the attention will be on the Browns so let us know what you think.


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