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Should the Steelers Take a Flyer on Nnamdi Asomugha?

November 5, 2013
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Should the Steelers Take a Flyer on Nnamdi Asomugha?

With the San Francisco 49ers recently cutting cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, should the Pittsburgh Steelers brass be licking their chops? After watching their secondary get torched for 55 points by Tom Brady this past week, my guess is yes they should be.

The Steelers secondary is not very good this year and with the Patriots exposing the weakness to the rest of the league, they need to think about ways to fix the problem sooner, rather than later. William Gay is a liability, Cortez Allen is unproven and Ike Taylor can’t catch a cold. So why not take a flyer on Asomugha?

Nnamdi AsomughaSure the once highly regarded cornerback is 32 years old and has been down on his luck lately, but he has the talent the Steelers need to make the 3-4 defense work. He is a man-to-man cover guy who excels in bump and run coverage. The one thing William Gay lacks for the Steelers.

Not only could he step in and help right away but the Steelers could consider moving him to safety down the road to extend his career and he is known to make splash plays in the secondary, another big concern for Pittsburgh.

Is Asomugha a long term answer? Probably not, but he is a nice stopgap until they find that franchise player they need to groom to take over for Ike in the near future. He could help the team in many ways for the next few seasons and could be had on the cheap right about now. So why not take a chance, why not give him a shot? Signing Asomugha could pay off huge and the risk – reward aspect is too great to not at least look into.

A 1-2 year contract with low base salary and decent incentives should do the trick. The Steelers recently restructured Taylor’s contract and at that point most fans had to be thinking what should they do with the extra money? Well Asomugha could very well be and in my opinion, should be that shiny new toy they spend it on.


  1. I say sign his ass. It can’t be any worse then what we have in William Gay!!!

  2. Chris

    You are speaking the truth he could only help and they need help bad

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