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Jarvis Jones Looking Like a Match

April 15, 2013
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Jarvis Jones Looking Like a Match

Could Jarvis Jones be a perfect match for the Steelers?

With iconic Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison possibly launching a revenge tour in Cincinnati, the Steelers have all the more reason to find a high-end replacement for one of the most feared defenders in football.

steelers draftTheir target very well could be Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones.

The Steelers hosted Jarvis Jones earlier this month, and he’d be an intriguing option with the 17th overall pick.  If he lasts that long.

Like so many other first-round prospects, it’s hard to gauge precisely where Jones will go.  A case of spinal stenosis has created concerns about the possibility of a serious neck injury, but Jones has received full medical clearance — and he has performed well in the SEC (a/k/a NFL Lite) after a transfer from USC.

A decade ago, the Steelers traded up to No. 16 and rolled the dice on a defensive player who emerged from USC with a history of concussions.  And Troy Polamalu has been well worth the risk.

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