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Steelers' Jason Worilds Quiet About Future with the Team

August 5, 2014
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Steelers' Jason Worilds Quiet About Future with the Team


Steelers’ Jason Worilds quiet about future with the team

If a deal doesn’t get done, the Steelers have options, and so does Worilds.

The Steelers could transition-tag Worilds again or franchise him. Either way, it would be another year of $10 million-plus guaranteed salary.

“I really don’t care about that stuff,” Worilds said. “I’m boring. I just want the team to get better.”

A rush outside linebacker is supposed to be brash and outspoken —especially in Pittsburgh, where some of its best pass-rushers were also the most vocal.

That’s not Worilds’ style.

“Jason is one of the quietest people I have been around,” linebacker Jarvis Jones said. “Even when you try to get him to talk, you can’t get much out of him. He is quiet. It is something you have to respect. His words are very limited.”

Until last year, Worilds’ playing time and contributions were limited as well.

The Steelers drafted Worilds with their second-round pick in 2010, but injuries, ineffectiveness and players such as LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison in front of him stunted his growth.

Worilds’ breakout season last year included 63 tackles to go along with the eight sacks, despite starting only 11 games.

“He gave you eight sacks in a half of a year, and you have guys starting the entire year (who) can’t give you four,” cornerback Ike Taylor said.

Worilds’ play allowed the Steelers to cut Woodley in the offseason.

While some want to see if last year was a fluke, Worilds isn’t one of them.

“I have personal goals, but not proving that last year wasn’t a fluke,” Worilds said. “Ever since I have been here, I have been trying to get consistent and get better every day. I think that will help me take my game to another level.”



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