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Ask The Steelers RockStar

September 15, 2013
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Ask The Steelers RockStar

I love it when fellow members of Steeler Nation weigh in on what I say. This week I didn’t give out a normal topic to respond to, but rather I simply asked “What do YOU want me to discuss?” And to my pleasure, it wasn’t long before the topics came rolling in.

This week’s winning comment is a combination of two good points made by fellow SCM members Lynda Heal and Rich Appenzeller. The discussion was as follows

Lynda Heal Why didn’t Tomlin have the team ready which caused “the lack of communication” which caused Redman to drop the ball? Why did that happen? Why was the team not ready? The fault lies on Tomlin and only on Tomlin. That is what I want to know ………WHY?

Rich Appenzeller I’m on board with that too, but I also want to know why everyone who wanted Arians fired now wants him back as the OC? It’s more like Haley was the wrong choice made by the Rooneys.

steelersThe sloppy play of Sunday’s opener against the Titans was no doubt appalling. Many of us, myself included, could do nothing but hang our heads and look onward as the debacle unfolded right in front of us. It almost seems as if the preseason curse still looms. It’s as if our team isn’t in game form. And according to Lynda Coach Tomlin is to blame.

But maybe he isn’t. The very first things we as fans want to do is blame the person most directly responsible for the developing problem. Last year I complained a lot about Tomlin not showing passion when his team makes mistakes. But after re-watching press conferences and other interviews I noticed a discernible sense of intensity in every facial gesture he gives. His sentences are short and to the point. The man gets it. He understands how sloppy his team looks on and off the field. After all, it’s his face that gets thrown in the garbage when we start talking about a loss. So it would only make sense that the guy owns up to what is going on. Then I started thinking about my days as a middle school tutor.

There are a lot of things that, as simple and easy to understand as they may be to contribute, you just can’t do when helping a child learn. You have to understand the curriculum of the teacher and their methodologies, you have to understand their goals that they want accomplished and surely shouldn’t deviate from said plan. Even if in doing so the kid picks up the subject a thousand times better, you have to roll with the collective punches you’re given and operate within those means. This is the Steelers’ organization for all intents and purposes. It’s a middle school.

For so long everything was run one way from the Rooneys, to Cowher, to Arians, to LeBeau. That’s the way it was. Players got into that mindset and it worked. Now introduce another, slightly different element and suddenly the equation is not as easily solved. The numbers don’t add up, signs have been changed, the rules bent just enough that little errors show through. Sure the team could power through them. But that’s what they’ve been trying to do since last season. At some point you have to concede to the notion that no matter how much of a visionary you may be or how smart you are, your team isn’t picking it up. It doesn’t jive with their style.

Tomlin needs to understand that all of his pieces, as great as they are on their own, just aren’t working together anymore.

Don’t worry Rich, I haven’t forgotten about your comment either. You wanted to know why everyone who wanted Bruce Arians’ head on a silver platter suddenly has seen the error of their ways and wants him back. Well I don’t necessarily think that they want HIM back. They just don’t want Todd Haley there.

As long as I can remember we Pittsburgers have been a stand up, blue collar town. We mean what we say, say what we mean, and aren’t afraid to speak our minds. However this is a big problem when it comes to calling for huge changes. We can all agree that when BA left a huge void needed to be filled. At that point anyone I talked to was happy as long as Bruce wasn’t there. They could’ve gotten a monkey wearing a bow tie to call the offense, it didn’t matter. Well, to be honest we got what we asked for. Todd Haley is about as competent as a box of hammers.

This couldn’t be more evident, and after watching old KC games you understand the offense didn’t work then. So why should it work now simply because you changed the colors of your uniforms? You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. It simply doesn’t work. You can jam that sucker in six ways from Sunday, but it still won’t fit. HALEY IS THAT SQUARE PEG! I don’t care if you’re a former head coach that worked his way up in the rankings.

I don’t care if you’re from Pittsburgh and your dad used to play for the team. That’s like saying that since my dad drank for a living I should be the CEO of Budweiser. That hardly qualifies me for anything other than knowing what the booze smelled like. You can’t simply give a failure a headset  and free reign and expect anything good to come out of it. Certain qualifications do not an offensive coordinator make! We did get what we wanted, BA out. But was the grass really greener on the other side?

It’s possible there is still a job for Haley after all, but we’d have to get a bigger Steely McBeam costume. I don’t think his head would fit.  

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