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Tomlin is a Good Coach, but he Needs to Make Changes

January 19, 2018
4 minutes read
Tomlin is a Good Coach, but he Needs to Make Changes

Tomlin Can Stay, But Pittsburgh Needs Changes

There are a number of reasons why the Steelers should keep Mike Tomlin as their coach. Here are 10:

  1. The Rooney family is not insane.
  2. They read the newspapers, and hear what fans are saying, but do not allow these opinions to dictate their business.
  3. You never fire a head coach who has managed a 13-4 season, unless the locker room has caught fire.
  4. You never fire a head coach who has won 48 games in just four season, unless the locker room is on fire.
  5. The locker room is not on fire.
  6. The Steelers have made a living, and built their success over the past 50 years, on stable foundations. The three head coaches that the team has seen over the past 49 seasons have lasted: 23 years, in the case of Chuck Noll, 15 years for Bill Cowher, and 11 years, Mike Tomlin. Chuck Noll had 4 – 0 Super Bowls, Cowher 1 – 1, and Tomline 1 – 1.
  7. The winning percentage of Pittsburgh coaches since Noll was hired in 1969 have Tomlin at .649, Cowher at .619, and Noll at .572
  8. Tomlin is a cold and calculating man when he and the organisation feel that it is necessary, and Dick Lebeau, James Harrison, and Bruce Arians will tell you that. By and large, however, players enjoy his coaching, and work very hard for him.
  9. Tomlin has coached a total of 11 seasons, and has never suffered a losing one. The only other head coach who hasn’t had a losing season that long, since 2007, is Bill Belichick.
  10. There isn’t anyone who could replace him.

Tomlin Shouldn’t Rest on His Laurels Though

As punters who enjoy the Steelers thanks to the sports betting NZ and the rest of the world makes available will no doubt agree, however, Tomlin would be stupid to take the looming vote of confidence by Art Rooney II, if one is on its way, as a mandate that everything is ok.

The Changes the Steelers Need

Tomlin needs to fire Todd Haley, the offensive coordinator -whatever else occurs in terms of the offensive team’s performance, a squad with this kind of talent simply has to better than ranking 8th in scoring and 20th in rushing yards.

And while Tomlin may very well decide to keep his defensive staff intact, something needs to be done about the 28th-rated red zone defense, and the fact that 4.4 yards per rush is allowed.

Tomlin Also Needs to Examine Himself

It was cute, and no doubt played well in Tomlin’s locker room, when, before the Steelers played the Patriots in December, he started talking about the playoffs rematch. Endearing, that is, until Mike Mitchell and Le’Veon Bell started doing so openly as well.

It’s stupid.

It is not the reason they lost to Jacksonville, but it reveals a level of immaturity that is not becoming in a team this size. The Steelers were awful in the first 20 minutes of the Jacksonville playoff -terrible. It’s too much of a cliche to say it was because of their boasting about the New England rematch, but Tomlin should not be giving his players the leeway to talk rubbish by starting it himself.

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