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Who Is Good For The Steelers From The Remaining Unsigned Players?

April 8, 2019
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Who Is Good For The Steelers From The Remaining Unsigned Players?

The Pittsburgh Steelers are arguably one of the best teams in the NFL. So, it is not a surprise that they have made significant moves when it comes to signing free agency players. For instance, in 2015 the team signed Deangelo Williams who was at the top of the NFL with 11 touchdowns.

Moreover, he helped the Pittsburgh Steelers reach the playoffs. Another player who was signed as a free agent was Joe Haden who was hired just after the regular season. Hayden had played for The Browns for seven years. Currently, he is part of the defense which has significantly strengthened since he joined the Steelers.  If you are into sports betting with, we are sure you would want to know how the Steelers can do better this season.

The Top Things Steelers Need to Do With Their Unsigned Players

So, this begs the question which other players should the Pittsburgh Steelers consider into signing? Here is a look at some of the players who can qualify for a spot in the team.

#1. Emmanuel Sanders

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Emmanuel Sanders came back to the Steelers. He spent his first Four Seasons in the NFL with the team before he was signed as a free agent with Denver back in 2014.

Since he started playing for the Broncos has earned two Pro Bowl selections. However, he suffered a back injury in 2018 during Week 13 of the season. But even before he got the damage, he caught 71 passes for 868 yards and four touchdowns in just 12 games. Therefore he would be a suitable replacement for Antonio Brown who is rumoured to be retiring.

#2. Maxx Williams

When Maxx Williams got out of college in 2015, the Pittsburgh Steelers had their eye on him. However, the Ravens got to him first, but this is the best time for the Pittsburgh Steelers to have him play for them.

However, it seems that Williams career hasn’t been picking up as most fans thought it would. When he went to Baltimore, he has had four disappointing Seasons, but the Pittsburgh can ensure that he makes a good comeback.

#3. Terrel Suggs

We all know that Terrell Suggs played for the Baltimore.  However, we still know that Baltimore and Steelers have one of the bitter rivalries we have ever seen in the NFL. After Baltimore lost their match to the Chargers, it seems that Suggs will be a free agency this season. Rumours are going around that he might join Pittsburgh Steelers as a form of Revenge to Baltimore. He could be the perfect replacement for James Harrison.

#4. Shane Ray

Shane  Ray is another player who the Pittsburgh Steelers lost during the 2015 NFL draft. Ray went ahead to help the Denver win the Super Bowl 50. However, he has only recorded 2.0 sacks in the last two seasons. The Steelers might be his best choice to revamp his career.


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