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5 Things to Know About Pittsburgh Steelers

December 4, 2018
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5 Things to Know About Pittsburgh Steelers

When you tour the city of Pittsburgh there are two things which will draw attention to your eyes: steel and football. It is the second largest in the state of Pennsylvania and the most populous in the interstate.

When you mix large crowds and football, what do you get? In Pittsburgh, you get nothing but mad love for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It doesn’t matter whether you love online betting or playing with Draftkings Sportsbook, we are sure you would love to experience it too.

The Top Things You Will Love About the Pittsburgh Steelers

Here is a look at five things you should know about the Steelers if you intend to visit the city.

  1. What is in a name?

The Steelers have gone through three name changes in history. When they joined the league they were known as the Pirates. They were granted their first Franchise on July 8, 1933. It was the same year that they played their first season.

However, in 1940, owner Art Rooney changed their name to the Steelers. But in 1943, they were merged with the Philadelphia Eagles to be known as the Steagles. Then again in the following year, they similarly merged with the Cardinals to be called the Cardi-Pitt team.

  1. Did the Pittsburgh Steelers ever have cheerleaders?

Have you ever wondered why the Pittsburgh Steelers is one of the few NFL players who doesn’t have cheerleaders? Surprisingly, the Steelers were the first team in NFL history to have cheerleaders. They were known as the Steelerettes.

They cheered the team from 1961 to 1970. The weird thing is that they were never allowed to converse with the players.

  1. The Steelers logo.

The Steelmark logo is one that has stayed over time. The logo was adopted by Art Rooney in 1962. It consists of three four-pointed starlike figures within the circle, called hypocycloids. It is borrowed from the steel logo of the American Iron and Steel Institute.

The Steelers were the only team in the NFL who had only one logo on their helmets. They were not sure how the logo would look in their solid gold helmets. Even when they changed their helmets to black they still retained their logo on one side.

The logo represents their unique strength and toughness.

  1. Heinz Field Hexagons

The Heinz field stadium is the primary home of the Steelers. The stadium was constructed with steel due to the city’s history with it. The lounges and suites are perforated with a hexagon shape. The designers were at first criticized of the design of the stadium.

  1. The Duquesne Incline

The first  Duquesne Incline was opened to the public on May 20, 1877. The old cable car still works its magic on Mount Washington.  On game day two cars are signed, one is signed “DEEE” while the other is signed “FENSE.” When the cars pass each other they read “DEEEFENSE.”

Since then it has become one of the signature moves by the Steelers.


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