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Antonio Brown Can Go But Not for a ‘Steel” – Pittsburgh Issues Statement on Potential Trade

February 25, 2019
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Antonio Brown Can Go But Not for a ‘Steel” – Pittsburgh Issues Statement on Potential Trade

Speculation over the future of Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown was rife during the final period of the 2018 season, which included his absence from the side that faced the Cincinnati Bengals in the closing game of the regular season and Brown recently not only fanned the flames of the rumour mill but instead poured gasoline on them  when issuing a quote that read along the lines of ‘I want out’ on social media.

Brown has undoubtedly been an asset to the team since joining in 2010 and during that time he has racked up record after record to write himself into the Steelers’, and most likely NFLs, history books but his off-field behaviour leaves a lot to be desired.

His ability cannot be questioned but, especially in modern times, there is more to being a sporting icon and role model than what you do on the pitch and that’s a big part of the reason why Pittsburgh are open to Brown moving on; the only trouble might prove to be getting a deal that Head Coach Mike Tomlin is happy to take especially given that, at 30 years old, Brown hardly has his best years ahead of him. Throw into the equation that the receiver has shown he’s not above creating a quarrelsome atmosphere in the dressing room – as is proven by his ongoing spat with quarterback and Pittsburgh ‘leader’ Ben Roethlisberger – then you do wonder if Tomlin and his staff will be forced to make a judgement call.

That said, there is no doubt that teams will be queuing up to take Brown and it’s been revealed by Steelers General Manager, the man who will probably have the final decision on the future of Brown from a Pittsburgh perspective, Kevin Colbert that three teams have ‘touched base’ over the possible trade, although details of those deals remain unknown. Colbert was also firm in his stance that AB would only be allowed to move on if the package was right for his team – and that would require a significant offer. The reason being two-fold; one, Brown would be a huge loss to Tomlin’s side and two, if he ends up in the hands of a rival it could prove a monumental regret.

Pittsburgh have shown strength in their statement that Brown, no matter what he wants, will not bully his way out, however, walking the walk might prove more difficult as nobody wants a poison apple spoiling the fruit bowl and it could easily transpire that the Steelers are forced to take the best of a bad bunch of proposals.

In all honesty, it’s more than likely to boil down to who blinks first; if the deal on the table is a good one then it could be seen as an opportunity too good to rebuff, regardless of who it’s from, and could act as a catalyst for a Pittsburgh roster revamp. If the Steelers relent on their hardy approach then they’ll potentially strengthen a rival, possibly, without a decent package in return and finally, there is the third option, which is the most unlikely, and that’s a scenario where Brown ends up benched for a season as nobody budged.

There are so many ifs and buts to consider and the next few weeks will be a roller coaster with many twists and turns – most of which Brown will likely broadcast to his online following – but you can guarantee the world will be watching with intent because the deal has the potential to cause ripples throughout the entirety of the NFL.


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