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Arm Chair GM – v11

January 11, 2012
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Arm Chair GM – v11

Best Wishes to Steelers RB Coach, Kirby Wilson – Free Agent Analysis and The Season’s End

Kirby Wilson

I was very sad to hear about the serious injury sustained by our Outstanding Running Back Coach Kirby Wilson, who was injured in a fire at his home.

Kirby has done an outstanding job developing Rashard Mendenhall, Issac Redman, John Clay and Mewelde Moore. We wish him all the best and hope he has full recovery. All our Prayers are with you Kirby.

Free Agent Analysis – College

These are some players that I think might slip through the cracks come Draft time. They could make great additions to our team.

Jake Stoneburner TE Ohio St. – 6-5. Weight: 245 – He has been underutilized his entire career. His hands are like glue, he is a solid blocker and would make a great back-up and possible successor to Heath (!). And hey, Jake Stoneburner has to be one of the most Bad-Ass names in the history of Bad-Ass names. “I’m Stoneburner, Jake Stoneburner.”

Tony Dye – UCLA – SS-FS-CB – I had him in the 4th Rd, but he had to sit all of the 2011 season with a neck injury. Here’s what I said about him before: A versatile player. We need to find a good back-up for Troy and you can always use a guy that can play CB in a pinch. The way all the lines are getting blurred on Defense a lot of the time the Safety ends up playing Nickel or Dime. 96 tackles, 8 PBU’s (last season). If he still has it, he could be a good one.

Hebron Fangupo NT BYU – 6-1 331 – We might lose back-up NT Chris Hoke to his neck injury. Fangupo had 23 tackles with 5.5 tackles for a loss Just started playing football, but these big Polynesian guys seem to have something. And he’d probably be up for the Crack Polamalu Genuflecting Brigade.

Delvin Johnson NT Marshall – 6-3 312 – 42 tackles, 10.5 tackles for a loss and two sacks. A little undersized, but NTs love to eat. Again Chris Hoke may be lost.

Derek Moye WR Penn St. – 6-5 198 – Could give Ben the big target he wants. He was underutilized in Penn St’s scheme. 40 receptions 654 yards 3 TDs.

Darius Fleming OLB Notre Dame – 6-2 255. 54 tackles with seven tackles for  loss, 3.5 sacks 1 forced fumble. Still considered an underachiever and could slide.

Matt Conrath DE Virginia – 6-7 270 – 64 tackles with 11 tackles for a loss, two forced fumbles and two sacks. Needs to put on a little weight, but hey DEs love to eat too.

The Season’s End

Our early exit from the Playoffs is a mixed blessing. No more football, No Super Bowl, but at least we will be drafting before the Patriots and Ravens, so they will not be snorfing up our potential players. This has a big influence on the Draft so I’ll be posting another Little Big Board soon. It will still be almost all OL and Secondary. I think our #1 Ranked Pass Defense turned out to be a Paper Lion, but I thought that was the case all along.

Ike Taylor was smoked by Demaryius Thomas all day long. Tebow looked like Tom Brady against our secondary. Ben was sacked 5 times and battered in a quick pass offense. Unacceptable. On the good side our Draft options may be much improved.

2012 NFL Draft Order (I Think)
1. Indianapolis Colts 2. St. Louis Rams 3. Minnesota Vikings
4. Cleveland Browns 5. Tampa Bay Bucs 6. Washington Redskins
7. Jacksonville Jaguars 8. Carolina Panthers 9. Miami Dolphins
10. Buffalo Bills 11. Kansas City Chiefs 12. Seattle Seahawks
13. Arizona Cardinals 14. Dallas Cowboys 15. Philadelphia Eagles
16. New York Jets 17. Oakland Raiders 18. San Diego Chargers
19. Chicago Bears 20. Tennessee Titans 21. Cincinatti Bengals
22. Detroit Lions 23. Atlanta Falcons 24. Pittsburgh Steelers


In Closing

Hey! We had a great season, no reason to feel bad. We got struck by the Tebow Magic, but I saw that all his college career and hey, Tebow Happens.

On that note, FIRE BRUCE ARIANS NOW! In the Name of All that is Sacred, please get rid of him and start the search for a real Offensive Coordinator.

Congratulations to the WVU Mountaineers, a record setting 70 to 33 game against a very good Clemson team. Way to go ‘Eeers!

The East-West Shrine Game, the Senior Bowl and the Combine are all coming up soon. Lots of stuff to process, lots of former Steeler Mike Mayock saying stuff that I agree with some and sometimes not so much. And the 2012 Draft. Other than Football season the Draft season is my favorite.

Please send your Best Wishes and Prayers to Kirby Wilson and his Family. May he recover and may we see him on the sidelines again.

Go Stillers!

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