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Armchair GM: Tomlin and Timmons Need to Hug it Out

May 3, 2018
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Armchair GM: Tomlin and Timmons Need to Hug it Out

The Steelers didn’t select any Inside Linebackers in the 2018 Draft and the player they added in Free Agency, Jon Bostic has been either under performing or injured most of his career. Nobody seems to know what happened between Mike Tomlin, who selected Lawrence Timmons as his first, 1st Rd draft pick and the Steelers longtime Linebacker but obviously something went down.

Timmons may not be a Pro Bowl caliber player anymore but he is still better than anybody the Steelers currently have at inside backer save, maybe, Vince Williams. Given the way Williams likes to make big plays and go after the Quarterback he might be better suited at WILL, where our injured Ryan Shazier was playing. #Shalieve Timmons could move in at MACK where he played his entire career with the Steelers and not miss a beat.

Timmons performed well in 2016, his final year with the Steelers. He led the team in tackles with 114, 4 for loss and had 2.5 sacks, 5 pass deflections and a forced fumble. He continued with the high level of play in the post season, adding 27 tackles and 2 sacks in three games. It didn’t seem like the Steelers made much an effort to re-sign Timmons when his contract was up. He obviously wasn’t looking to break the bank, signing for 6 million a year with the Dolphins. In 2017 Timmons had 84 tackles, 5 for loss and 3 pass deflections in 14 games. The point is there is a LOT of tread left on Timmons’ tires.

If Timmons were to sign a contract with the Steelers for say, two to three million dollars a year, there is no reason to believe the team wouldn’t get their money’s worth. I’m sure the Steelers would prefer league minimum but the recently cut, J.J. Wilcox, was making 2.4 million and you can’t tell me Timmons isn’t a better player and wouldn’t be more valuable to the team.

If the Steelers are serious about making a run at a Super Bowl this year or maximizing the team’s chances during the remaining years of Ben Rothlisberger’s career this move would make total sense. It really needs to happen at this point.  So, whatever happened, one or both of them need to get on the phone and talk. They need to do lunch, have a confab or as Ari Gold would say, ‘Hug it out, bitch!’.

Go Steelers!

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